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    This lady was left with a large wound of the left frontal scalp following excision of a skin cancer. The attempted reconstruction was unsuccessful. This was a very challenging case due to the size of the wound and exposure of bone. Another difficulty arose from the patient’s need to take medications that interfered with the immune system and, as a result, overall healing. To close the wound required extensive release and mobilization of the scalp, which is naturally not elastic, thus increasing the complexity of closure. Finally, repairing such a sizable defect without distorting the hairline made this even more difficult. Fortunately, the reconstruction was a success, and with time, she now has little evidence of having had a problem in this area. Both she and her husband are very thankful to have this behind them and are unbelievably happy with the final results. The “after” photos here were taken approximately 6 months folllowing the initial reconstruction.


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