This patient was concerned about the asymmetrical appearance of her face. She noted that her right face was fuller than the left, and she complained that her sunglasses always sat crooked on her face. She also disliked the appearance of her left ear and felt it protruded from her head differently relative to the right side, also stating that it was too low. She had not had been formally evaluated prior to seeing us. A CT scan was ordered which revealed underlying skeletal abnormalities which could not be corrected without major surgery of the facial bones. She decided that this was not of interest to her, and elected to try to camouflage some of these
abnormalities by altering the overlying soft tissues. A left-sided otoplasty was performed along with right-sided buccal fat reduction. These maneuvers helped to restore some symmetry to the face; though they were not enough to completely mask underlying problem. Postoperatively, you can see that the sunglasses sit a little more evenly on the face (compare eyebrows) as a result of repositioning of her ear. The right cheek does not look as oversized.

She also desired improvement in contour along the transition from the face to the neck, and so she underwent jawline and neck liposuction. This improved the definition in these areas. She was very pleased with the results shown here at her 6-month follow-up.

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