This lady underwent reconstruction of her right side of her nose by another plastic surgeon and was concerned with the postoperative appearance and function of this area of the nose. She noted nasal blockage the airflow. Initially, injections were formed in the area in an attempt to shrink thickened tissues. This resulted in modest improvements in airflow. We performed a revision rhinoplasty to produce a more desirable shape, and this also significantly improved her nasal breathing. She felt that the external portion nostril was too big and the bottom edge of this tissue was too flat relative to the other side. If you look at the post-operative photos, you’ll notice that the curved contour of the bottom edge of the nostril on the right more closely matches the untreated left side. This patient also was interested in lip enhancement while addressing progressive sagging neck tissue. She underwent injection of the lips with Juvéderm® Ultra Plus, which maintains a good proportion of upper to lower lip size and adds contour and definition to the key lip anatomical elements. Note that in all views the neck contour is rejuvenated with fewer wrinkles and less fullness in the area overlying the “Adam’s apple” owing to neck lift along with neck liposuction. Looking at the hairline behind the ears, her neck lift scars are essentially invisible, even with the hair pulled back.

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