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    This lady came to us with concerns about the appearance of her nose calling a previous operation with another plastic surgeon. She felt that the tip of the nose was too low, giving the nose the appearance of a downward-pointing “arrow”. She also disliked the appearance of the nostrils, and specifically, the columella (the bridge of tissue between the two nostrils). She also was uncomfortable with the overall narrowness of the mid portion of the nose. In addition to her aesthetic concerns, she suffered from breathing dysfunction and wished to have this treated as well. She ultimately underwent cosmetic rhinoplasty with functional septoplasty (together termed septorhinoplasty) with treatment of her turbinates and placemetn of cartilage spreader grafts to further the open the nasal passages. This was an excellent example of a case where form follows function. She is extremely pleased with the aesthetic and functional improvements following her revision rhinoplasty operation. Her photos show her postop results at six and a half months.


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