There’s nothing like the frustration of trying to shed fat that just refuses to budge. Some of the most persistent fat cells tend to accumulate in the face, especially during aging–for many people, this can lead to decreased self confidence and discouragement with exercise or other weight loss efforts.

Facial liposculpting is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the removal and reshaping of this troublesome fat tissue. Liposculpting reduces puffiness and bloating to restore strong, youthful contours in the face. It’s also an effective technique to smooth the neck or even remove a double chin.

As a facial anatomy expert with extensive experience in liposculpting, Dr. Schmidt is skilled at restoring facial fat to the buoyant, balanced shape it once held. Dr. Schmidt’s patients can expect highly refined liposculpting results that not only rejuvenate the face, but also accentuate their strongest features.

How does facial liposculpting work?

Dr. Schmidt uses a technology called suction-assisted liposuction to produce the most balanced and smooth results for this procedure. Suction-assisted liposuction allows for the removal of a small amount of fat tissue to shrink areas where too much has accumulated (often the cheeks).

The remaining fat cells are lifted and resculpted to restore a full but contoured shape to the face.

Dr. Schmidt will often perform liposculpting in conjunction with other facial procedures, such as a facelift or Puregraft. In these cases, liposculpting can help to create an overall refreshed appearance.

As with any surgical procedure, Dr. Schmidt will hide incisions behind the ears or in natural folds of skin to minimize the visibility of scarring. While incision placement depends on the patient’s individual needs, common areas include behind the earlobes or within neck or jowl creases.

Results and recovery

With facial liposculpting, a little goes a long way. Dr. Schmidt’s skilled but subtle fat reshaping significantly revitalizes the face without the need for major surgery. While the recovery process differs for everyone, most patients can return to normal activity by the one-week mark after surgery.

Patients should expect minor swelling and bruising in the days following facial liposculpting.

Since facial liposculpting does not involve significant removal of fat cells, patients should be aware that substantial weight gain after the procedure may increase fat volume in the face. As with any procedure, maintaining a healthy weight will help to ensure long-lasting results.

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