PicoSure Laser

    Dr. Schmidt uses a state of the art laser technology called PicoSure for this skin rejuvenation procedure. PicoSure sends small bursts of energy deep within skin tissue to eliminate discoloration and other signs of aging. The result is a balanced, healthy appearance with almost no recovery time needed.

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    Chemical Peel

    Chemical peels are a versatile option for addressing mild to severe signs of aging. This treatment removes dead skin cells so that skin can be its healthiest and most radiant. As a result of this treatment, the skin is revitalized with an even texture and youthful glow.

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    Facial wrinkles are the most recognizable and often the most frustrating signs of aging. However, with tried and true wrinkle reduction techniques, they’re easy to address. Dr. Schmidt uses injectable medications at key wrinkle sites to rejuvenate skin and achieve a smooth, natural appearance in the face.

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