Facial trauma reconstruction is one of the most consequential procedures that a plastic surgeon can perform. Facial injuries are not only complicated and irregular, they can also take a serious emotional toll on the patient.

It’s important that your plastic surgeon is intimately familiar with the complexities of facial anatomy, and understands how important facial reconstruction will be to your sense of self.

Dr. Schmidt allocates a significant portion of his practice to facial trauma reconstruction. With extensive training and experience in facial repair techniques, he is equipped to conduct everything from jaw realignment to reconstructing entire body parts (namely the nose or ear).

In Dr. Schmidt’s hands, patients can rest assured they will receive sophisticated, personalized care to restore their natural features.

When is facial trauma surgery necessary?

Motor vehicle crashes, falls, animal bites, and domestic or interpersonal violence are common causes of injury that lead to facial trauma reconstruction.

Generally speaking, traumatic facial fractures involve the jawbone, cheekbone, eye socket, or brow.

Facial reconstruction can also address lacerations that risk causing severe scarring, facial nerve damage, or injury to the salivary or tear ducts.

What does facial trauma surgery involve?

There are two main components of facial trauma reconstruction: “soft tissue” repair, which addresses lacerations in the skin or gums, and “bony repair,” which fixes broken bones, jaws and teeth.

For bony repair, Dr. Schmidt will reset bones to their original position, using screws or other hardware implants when necessary to keep them in place.

Soft tissue repair may require skin grafts to restore lost tissue. Dr. Schmidt will harvest tissue from nearby but inconspicuous areas to ensure even skin texture and color across the face.

In some cases, multiple surgeries may be required to achieve the best results with minimal scarring.

Results and recovery

Bony repairs typically leave behind little if any evidence of a surgical procedure.

While there are some limitations to what soft tissue repair can achieve, Dr. Schmidt has developed a unique skillset around concealing and minimizing scarring.

The overall goal is to restore the natural shape, contours, and features of the original face as closely as possible.

The recovery process will differ for each patient. Dr. Schmidt will provide personalized instructions regarding aftercare and the expected healing time frame.

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