Osteoma Removal in Denver

Osteomas are benign bony tumors that emerge as a hard knot beneath the skin. Because they are slow-growing and frequently do not cause any symptoms, people can have an osteoma for years without realizing it. However, larger osteomas can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, especially those that occur in some prominent area of the face such as the forehead.

Osteoma removal is a straightforward outpatient procedure that can result in a significant cosmetic improvement. Dr. Schmidt is often told by his patients that osteoma excision has significantly improved their confidence, and because it’s relatively painless, many often wonder why they didn’t have it treated sooner!

As a double board-certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt has dedicated his practice to exclusively facial procedures. His mastery of advanced techniques has helped him earn a reputation as one of Colorado’s leading facial plastic surgeons.

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What Are the Benefits of Osteoma Surgery?

The primary benefit of osteoma treatment is to get rid of the prominent growth commonly present on the forehead. Osteoma excision surgery with Dr. Schmidt is a safe, simple solution that involves minimal downtime and discomfort. Since it’s an outpatient procedure, you can return home the same day.

Other advantages include the following.

  • For patients with forehead osteomas, after surgery, you can wear your hair in any style you like without having to worry about strategically arranging it to camouflage the bump.
  • Your confidence will improve when you are no longer self-conscious about people looking at the lump.
  • Many patients also feel relieved after having the tissue analyzed under the microscope and receiving a benign diagnosis.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Denver Forehead Bump Removal?

To determine whether you are a good candidate for osteoma removal, the first step is to discuss the details of the procedure with our Patient Care Coordinator.  If it seems you are a great candidate for treatment, we will arrange a time to meet Dr. Schmidt in consultation.  As a highly trained facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Schmidt will provide his expert opinion following a thorough history and physical examination and determining the size and location of your osteoma or osteomas. From there, he will explain in detail a specific treatment plan that best suits your needs. Please come to this meeting prepared to review your complete medical history with a list of any questions you have about this surgery.

Most physically healthy adults are well-qualified for an osteoma removal. If you smoke, we ask that you quit before and after surgery, because smoking restricts blood circulation and impedes the healing process. Sometimes, Dr. Schmidt may recommend his potential osteoma removal patients get a CT scan of the affected area to help in diagnosing the osteoma and its extent.  While this is most often not necessary, he’ll discuss imaging options with you as part of your consultation if appropriate.

What to Expect During Osteoma Surgery

On the day of your surgery, please arrive about an hour early. This extra time allows Dr. Schmidt to answer any additional questions you may have and administer local anesthesia. We recommend wearing a loose-fitting, comfortable shirt that buttons or zips up, so you can avoid pulling clothing over your head.

For forehead bump removal, Dr. Schmidt will carefully make a small incision hidden just along the hairline or within / parallel to  a wrinkle, which will heal nearly invisibly. He will then remove the excess bony tissue, being careful to leave no fragments behind and ensure a smooth, natural-looking forehead curvature. Finally, he will suture the incision closed and wrap your forehead with a gauze dressing.

Recovering From Forehead Bump Removal

Healing from osteoma surgery is relatively quick due to the minimally invasive techniques Dr. Schmidt utilizes. We recommend taking a week off work to rest and focus on self-care. Sleeping with your head elevated will minimize swelling. Please avoid bending over, picking up heavy objects, exercising, and other strenuous activities until Dr. Schmidt clears you to resume them.

We will send you home from this outpatient procedure with detailed instructions to follow while you recover, including tips to minimize any discomfort, how to care for your incision, and when to return to our office for follow-up appointments. For osteoma removal patients who travel from outside the Denver area for surgery, Dr. Schmidt is happy to meet with you virtually via a telehealth platform such as doxy.me.

Denver’s Leading Osteoma Removal Surgeon

As an esteemed specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in the greater Denver area, Dr. Schmidt has spent his entire career performing procedures with meticulous care that produce beautiful and natural-appearing results. To learn more about osteoma removal, please schedule a consultation today or review answers to some typical patient questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Osteoma Removal

How much does osteoma removal cost in Denver?

Because Dr. Schmidt takes a personalized approach to osteoma surgery, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. During your initial discussion with our Patient Care Coordinator, you will receive a close idea of the cost of the procedure after talking about what you hope to accomplish.

Is osteoma removal surgery painful?

Dr. Schmidt will provide local anesthetic with optional oral sedation to keep you comfortable while he operates on the osteoma. After surgery, the typical patient experiences minimal bruising and soreness, or a headache, which usually dissipates the day after surgery once the compression headwrap is removed. You can manage discomfort by taking over-the-counter pain medication and applying cool compresses. Temporary numbness and itching around the surgical site are also common side effects, which typically resolve over a few weeks or months.

Will I have a scar after Dr. Schmidt removes my osteoma?

While all surgical procedures involve scarring, Dr. Schmidt takes care to make the smallest possible incisions in areas that will heal discreetly, often very difficult to find even to an astute observer. For example, when removing a bump from the upper forehead, he will hide the incision within your hairline. Dr. Schmidt will also provide advice for ensuring swift, smooth healing with optimal scar management.

Can I use health insurance to pay for forehead bump removal?

Insurance companies do not cover the cost of procedures performed solely for cosmetic reasons.


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