No Downtime Laser Facial Rejuvenation

    Laser technology allows for the rapid, non-invasive removal of discoloration, scarring, and blemishes in the face. It works like a real-life airbrush, smoothing out and revitalizing skin almost instantly.

    Dr. Schmidt is one of the first physicians in Denver to offer this state of the art laser technology called PicoSure for skin rejuvenation. PicoSure sends small bursts of energy deep within skin tissue to eliminate discoloration and other signs of aging. The result is a balanced, healthy appearance with almost no recovery time needed.

    Exciting results! Dr Schmidt treated my melasma with PicoSure laser. I received 4 treatments total with fantastic results after just the first treatment and improved skin after each visit. Friends who don’t know I was doing PicoSure compliment how great my skin looks. Great office. Fabulous and friendly staff. Dr Schmidt is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to answer all my questions. Very happy with the results! – Susan in Denver, Colorado

    Who is a candidate for PicoSure laser rejuvenation?

    PicoSure is a versatile, FDA-approved laser for skin revitalization. This technology is capable of addressing a range of issues; patients experiencing any of the following could be candidates for PicoSure:

    • Wrinkles and age lines
    • Pockmarks
    • Sunspots
    • Discolored or uneven skin pigmentation
    • Acne scars and blemishes

    PicoSure is also effective for tattoo removal.

    How does it work?

    PicoSure lasers send small, rapid bursts of energy deep into the skin, where it can break up areas of dark or discolored pigmentation. Crucially, this procedure does not rely only on heat, so there’s no concern about burning or damaging skin tissue.

    The laser also promotes healing as a part of the procedure itself. PicoSure produces pressure waves that activate your skin cells’ natural healing mechanisms. In this way, once unwanted pigmentation has been removed, the skin tissue is revitalized from within.

    Results and recovery

    PicoSure rejuvenation has a rapid recovery time due to the laser’s gentle, low-heat energy. Most patients experience mild redness for no more than a day after the procedure. Overall, this technology offers a quick, low-risk, pain-free way to revive the face’s bright, youthful appearance.

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