Drooping eyebrows can make even the happiest person look angry and the most well-rested person look exhausted. This effect only amplifies during aging, as brow tissues lose their springiness and sag above the eyes.

A brow lift, also known as a temporal lift, will return eyebrows to their expressive youthful state.

How Brow Lifts Work

A temporal/brow lift involves repositioning eyebrow tissues to undo sagging, as well as creating an appealing shape for the brow line.

For women and men with full heads of hair, surgical incisions will be placed around the hairline so that scars are ultimately hidden within the hair. For patients with receded hairlines, incisions sit directly above the eyebrow or within forehead wrinkles. In select patients, minimally invasive surgical techniques will ensure inconspicuous scars, along with small implants to maintain the position of the brow tissues as they heal.

A successful brow lift hinges on attention to the surrounding facial structure.

Dr. Schmidt will elevate the brows to a specific point based on how it will impact the eyelids  underneath and whether the patient seeks a masculine or feminine appearance.

For women, the restructured eyebrow will sit just above the bone ridge over the eyes; for men, it will rest level with the bone ridge.

Surgery And Recovery

A brow lift generally takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete when performed in isolation. However, many patients find it is most efficient and cost-effective to get a brow lift in conjunction with other facelift procedures such as a forehead lift. A short extension of the incision along the hairline allows for a brow lift to complement a forehead lift.

If a brow lift is right for you, plan for about three weeks of recovery time. You will wear a compressive head wrap for the first 24 hours and you should refrain from physical activity for the first postoperative week. During the second week, you can increase activity slightly. Most exercise can resume after the third week.



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