The cheeks play a subtle but important role in your overall appearance. Their shape and position creates a frame for all the other facial features–only with full, strong cheeks will the face have a chiseled, youthful look.

    The cheeks are also one of the first places to show signs of aging. As fat volume begins to shrink, the cheeks can become gaunt and the face’s youthful contours will be lost.

    Cheek augmentation can restore a youthful shape to the cheeks. This procedure can also create a sculpted look for patients who have always had undefined or flat cheeks.

    For cheek augmentation, Dr. Schmidt will use either a graft of a patient’s own tissue or a small, natural-feeling implant to fill out the cheek region.

    Though it’s a simple procedure, the results are significant. By creating full cheeks and striking contours, cheek augmentation can drastically enhance and rejuvenate a patient’s appearance.

    Who is a candidate for cheek augmentation?

    Patients who experience any of the following could be strong candidates for cheek augmentation:

    • Undefined cheekbones
    • A flat or weakly contoured facial structure
    • Thin or sunken cheeks
    • Fat volume loss in the cheeks

    How does cheek augmentation work?

    Dr. Schmidt conducts two primary types of cheek augmentation: fat grafting and cheek implants.

    Fat grafting involves the removal of a small amount of fat tissue from the patient’s abdomen or inner thigh, which is then inserted into the cheeks. Dr. Schmidt uses a state-of-the-art technology called Puregraft to purify the harvested fat, ensuring quicker healing and longer lasting results than traditional grafting methods.

    Depending on a patient’s specific needs and desired results, cheek augmentation can often be conducted in conjunction with other facial fat grafting procedures.

    If a patient doesn’t have enough excess fat to donate for a Puregraft, Dr. Schmidt will use implants for cheek augmentation. These implants come in a range of shapes and sizes and feel natural to the touch.

    Dr. Schmidt makes incisions for cheek augmentation through the inside of the lip, so no scarring is visible after the procedure.

    As with any procedure, Dr. Schmidt is attentive not only to the surgical site but also to the balance among all facial features. When inserting cheek implants, Dr. Schmidt sculpts natural contours that enhance the overall appearance of the face, rather than simply calling attention to the cheeks themselves.

    Results and recovery

    Immediately following cheek augmentation, patients will be placed in a surgical dressing to support and protect the implants. Dr. Schmidt will provide personalized instructions regarding aftercare and the expected recovery timeframe.

    Patients typically experience minor bruising and swelling after cheek augmentation. Most will be able to return to normal activity by the one-week mark after surgery.

    The results from cheek augmentation are immediate. Facial fat grafting results are very durable–touch-ups typically aren’t necessary for several years. Cheek implants are permanent.

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