Think about everything you can express just with your eyes. A shared glance of understanding between friends; a sarcastic eye roll at your colleague’s joke; delighted shock when your partner provides you with a longed-for gift. Through our eyes, we don’t just see the world – we communicate with it.

Having these faculties dulled or limited by sagging, puffy, or otherwise distorted eyelids can be frustrating. In addition to functional issues, these changes can disrupt the overall aesthetic harmony of the face. Such issues tend to arise during aging as skin loosens, thins or droops, and in rare cases, these changes can even affect vision. This may result in an overall tired facial appearance.

Blepharoplasty (also referred to as an eye lift) is a surgical procedure that removes excess, sagging or puffy skin to enhance the eyes. The operation can correct issues in the upper and/or lower lids, depending on the patient’s needs. If you are no longer happy with your facial appearance in this delicate area, discover how Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt can help you regain a more rejuvenated appearance.

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Choosing an Expert for Your Eyelid Surgery in Denver

Sometimes even the subtlest enhancement can provide significant improvement, which is why it’s important to choose an expert in facial anatomy for your eyelid surgery in Denver. Dr. Schmidt takes a comprehensive approach, and he pays special attention to how the appearance of the eyes impacts the overall balance of the face. This ensures that all patients receive care specifically tailored to their natural contours and strongest features, resulting in a natural-looking aesthetic.

When it comes to blepharoplasty, Dr. Schmidt is your personal expert. During his training, he was selected for a highly competitive fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery with a world-renowned plastic surgeon. This invaluable experience has allowed Dr. Schmidt to uphold a foundation of surgical excellence that he continues to maintain every day at his facial plastic surgery practice in Denver. When you choose Dr. Schmidt, you can be assured that your surgery will be performed to the highest standard of care.


When Is the Right Time to Undergo Blepharoplasty?

While there is no ideal age for an eye lift, you may want to consider treatment once you feel dissatisfied with the following cosmetic and functional issues:

  • Sagging or puffy upper eyelid skin
  • Excess or baggy skin collecting around the eyes
  • Lower eyelids and bags that droop away from the eyes
  • Impaired vision because of drooping skin
  • Difficulty putting on eye makeup due to uneven or excess skin
  • Expression always looks sad, tired, or angry because of sagging skin

Ideal candidates for an eye lift include healthy, non-smoking men and women who want to improve facial appearance due to the above concerns. It’s also important to have reasonable, optimistic expectations from your outcome following an eye lift. To see what kind of results are possible from surgery, view our blepharoplasty photo gallery.

Your Blepharoplasty in Denver with Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery

Dedication to Top-Notch Service and Discretion

When considering eyelid surgery, many patients find value in being able to feel completely comfortable as they begin their journey toward undergoing cosmetic enhancements. For this reason, Dr. Schmidt has structured his practice around making patients feel at ease during every step of the process. His Denver based office provides a private entry and exit for maximum privacy. For added discretion, he also has a private waiting room for cosmetic surgery patients postoperatively.

For patients visiting from out of town, Dr. Schmidt’s staff offers concierge services to help you get settled in Denver so you can focus on making the most of your surgical experience. His professional, courteous team is happy to make arrangements for your stay, including hotel accommodations, transportation, and anything else you’ll need to feel comfortable before, during, and after your cosmetic surgery.

Upper Blepharoplasty vs. Lower Blepharoplasty

Patients may be a candidate for treatment in the upper or lower eyes or both. Dr. Schmidt will discuss which procedure (or a combination of both) would be best suited to your needs and cosmetic goals.

An upper blepharoplasty can improve the appearance of the upper lids, including excess or hanging skin. Depending on the anatomical position of your eyebrows, Dr. Schmidt may also discuss how a brow lift may be incorporated to provide optimal improvement and symmetry.

Conversely, a lower eye lift will treat cosmetic concerns on the lower eyelids, like puffy eye bags and excess fatty deposits.

Eyelid Surgery: How It Works

Incisions for the procedure are easily concealed in the natural folds of the skin. After making incisions, Dr. Schmidt will remove or redistribute excess tissue to sculpt a natural, proportionate frame for the eyes. Dr. Schmidt considers a number of factors beyond the shape of the eyelids themselves, such as the underlying bone and muscle structure or the contours of the nose and eyebrows. Dr. Schmidt will then close incisions using multiple, layered stitches incorporating internal, dissolvable sutures and external sutures.

Blepharoplasty can offer patients the following benefits:

    • Rejuvenated Appearance: Some of the most bothersome signs of aging, like drooping skin and puffy eye bags, can make you look much older than you actually are. An eye lift allows you to regain the youthful, rejuvenated appearance you once had.
    • Improved Vision: In severe cases, drooping eyelid skin can affect vision. When this excess skin is trimmed and repositioned to a more neutral position, any related vision problems will disappear.
    • Regain Confidence: The eyes are one of the most focal parts of the face, so when you have cosmetic concerns in this area, it can be incredibly frustrating. You may feel like your insecurities are put on display during every personal interaction. Fortunately, an eye lift can reverse these signs of aging and help restore your confidence.

Your Consultation for Blepharoplasty in Denver

It’s important to carefully consider your options and make a fully informed decision when thinking about undergoing eyelid surgery. As you begin this process, Dr. Schmidt will provide you with everything you need to know to make the decision that’s right for you. Your eye lift consultation will be held in a relaxing, comfortable environment, where you can fully discuss your reasons for considering surgery. From your discussions with Dr. Schmidt and his staff to your procedure itself, you will be treated with personalized care and attention every step of the way.

After discussing your primary concerns and expectations at your consultation, Dr. Schmidt will make recommendations based on your personal anatomy and your ultimate goals. He will answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your potential eye lift, including which techniques will be used and any limitations of the procedure.

For those looking for optimal rejuvenation, Dr. Schmidt is happy to guide you through the full range of options for cosmetic enhancements. Many patients choose to undergo additional enhancements during their blepharoplasty procedure, including a facelift and injectables. Although multiple procedures require a higher investment initially, having them performed together provides more savings in the long run, since you can avoid the repeated cost of fees for anesthesia, medications, and other necessary costs.

For out-of-town patients who don’t live in the Denver area, Dr. Schmidt can conduct your first consultation over the phone or webcam via Skype or Facetime.

Blepharoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect from Recovery After My Eyelid Surgery?

You may still be under the effects of anesthesia after your eye lift procedure, so be sure to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home after your surgery. You should also consider having a friend or family member help you out at home for the first few days after your procedure to allow you to rest and recover.

All patients recover from surgery differently and Dr. Schmidt will provide you with personalized instructions for post-care. In general, external stitches will be removed seven days after your procedure. Residual bruising and swelling may be present for roughly another week afterward.

Following blepharoplasty, the skin around the eyes will be smoother and will crease along natural, inconspicuous lines. Since the eyes no longer compete with pronounced eyelids, they will appear rounder, brighter, and more striking.

How Long Will the Results of My Blepharoplasty Last?

When paired with a healthy lifestyle, you can expect to have long-lasting results. You can prolong these results by wearing a high SPF sunscreen whenever outdoors, and by maintaining a good skincare routine. While you will continue to age after treatment, the surgery will essentially turn back the clock, allowing you to age gracefully for many years to come

Where Will My Eyelid Surgery in Denver Be Performed?

Dr. Schmidt performs cosmetic eye surgery, technically called a “blepharoplasty”, in the on-site operating room. This beautiful surgical facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and it conforms to the highest standards of safety. For optimal convenience, your consultation, surgery, and follow-up appointments can all be carried out at Dr. Schmidt’s plastic surgery practice in Denver.

What Are the Risks of Treatment?

Blepharoplasty is considered a very safe procedure, but as with any surgery, there are still risks involved. Although they are rare, potential complications include adverse reaction to anesthesia, poor healing, or infection.

Will I Have Noticeable Scars?

During your eye lift procedure, Dr. Schmidt will make incisions that follow the natural creases of your eyelid. In the case of lower blepharoplasty, the incision is hidden within the inner lower eyelid. When your incisions are healed, your scars will be imperceptible.

Will My Health Insurance Cover My Eyelid Lift Cost in Denver?

Health insurance companies typically will not pay for surgeries performed solely for cosmetic reasons. However, if your upper eyelid skin is sagging to such a significant degree that it partially obscures your vision, an upper blepharoplasty may be medically necessary for you. In that case, you will need to have an eye exam to determine the extent to which your upper eyelids are interfering with your field of vision. Your insurer may also require photographs to help them decide whether to cover the cost of your procedure. If you’re hoping your health insurance will offset the total price of your surgery, it’s wise to check with your insurance provider before undergoing this treatment. 

What Is the Ideal Age to Get Eyelid Surgery?

Since everyone ages at different rates, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Because your eyes are so expressive and the skin surrounding them is so delicate, it may age faster than the rest of your face. For this reason, Dr. Schmidt works with many patients who decide to get a blepharoplasty years before other anti-aging surgeries such as a facelift.

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost in Denver?

The total price tag of your eyelid lift will depend on factors such as whether you opt to have a combined upper and lower blepharoplasty or pair your eyelid surgery with complementary procedures such as a brow lift. As the best blepharoplasty surgery in Denver, Dr. Schmidt can give you a more accurate cost estimate after meeting with you, learning more about your goals and expectations, and evaluating the degree of aging you’re experiencing.

Ready to explore your options for blepharoplasty in Denver? Reach out to Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation for an eye lift with Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt.

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