I was referred to Dr. J Schmidt

I was referred to Dr. J. Schmidt by MOH’s Surgeon Dr. Chapman after he took 3 cuts to remove basal cell cancer from my left nostril.

Dr. Schmidt was very knowledgeable and explained well the procedures he would be performing to supply a skin graft to my nostril. He performed the surgery in a very sterile condition and explained every step of the way while removing skin from my left ear area and applying it to the nostril. Clear, concise instructions were provided as to how to care for the areas.

After being assured that the skin graft had taken he removed cartilage from my left ear and attached it to the skin graft to prevent the skin graft from pulling up the nostril.

I am very pleased with how the skin graft looks and receive very good comments as to how it looks.

I would recommend Dr. J. Schmidt to anyone encountering the need for a skin graft.

I had lower eyelid surgery

I had lower eye lid surgery by Dr. Jeff and have been very happy with the results and the look of the eyelid since the surgery.

I would like to recommend him to everyone for any surgery to the face. His bedside manner is great and he is very personal. I really liked him and his office personnel.

Recommendation for Dr. Jeffrey L. Schimdt

Recommendation for Dr. Jeffrey L. Schmidt Plastic Surgeon

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt as an exceptional plastic surgeon. My wife saw Dr. Schmidt one day after having MOHs surgery to remove a basal cell cancer from the side of her nose. This procedure left her with a deep open would about the size of a nickel. The MOHs surgeon, Dr. James Chapman, recommended Dr. Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt rearranged his schedule to accommodate my wife’s immediate need, and required the repositioning of skin from her forehead and cheek to cover the hole.

Dr. Schmidt and his staff, surgical assistant Sara Burnside, and nurse Jamie Vencil, were very professional and competent. They all went out of their way to help with this very traumatic experience for my wife. Their attentiveness to my wife was outstanding. Dr. Schmidt is a perfectionist who stands by his work. The follow-up care is proceeding with a high degree of competence and accommodation.

Dr· Jeffrey Schmidt performed reconstructive

Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt performed reconstructive surgery on my nose in June of 2015 due to numerous basal cell carcinomas and one of which could not be closed with MOH’s procedure. It was a fairly long surgery due to the previous procedures –

I found Dr. Schmidt to be very caring and compassionate and, without a doubt, a wonderful facial reconstructive surgeon – I would highly recommend him for this special type of surgery. He also offered a few options previous to my surgery but I depended on his expertise to make the decision for me.

My friends and relatives are astounded at the appearance of my nose after the surgery.

I found, at age 81

I found, at age 81, I was going to need reconstructive surgery on my nose due to basal cell carcinoma. My MOHS surgeon had recommended Dr. Schmidt to me.

I found Dr. Schmidt to be very professional and knowledgeable. His resume speaks volumes about him.
He is passionate about his professions and was willing to share his knowledge with me so I could understand the surgical procedures.

He was very kind to me and the level of care that I received was truly exceptional. He made me feel I was a very special patient.

I am extremely pleased with the surgical results and feel so grateful and blessed to have had this wonderful Doctor as my surgeon.

I highly recommend him.

A pleasant experience

A pleasant experience.

I had a melanoma removed from the bridge of my nose.

After the removal, I had a large gaping hole in the middle of my forehead. That was when I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt and his staff.

His medical office is very pleasant, good music, great coffee, and a very warm staff. The staff was excellent in removing any apprehensions I had, and competence was unquestioning. I was treated as an important individual, and not just as a patient.

Dr. Schmidt took a gaping hole in the middle of my forehead, and turned it into an almost invisible line on the bridge of my nose. After the surgery, Dr. Schmidt phoned me to see how I was doing. I also had follow up appointments. Dr. Schmidt exemplified my treatment as an important individual, and not just a patient. His competence is enhanced by his kind treatment and sincerity in caring for me. I consider this very rare in most highly competent doctors. Dr. Schmidt, is the diamond standard in doctors.

What is quite exceptional, is that Dr. Schmidt accepts Medicare.

I had surgery performed

I had surgery performed by Dr. Schmidt for cancer in my lower lip on the left side. He is an excellent surgeon and is very efficient. The nurse’s in the operating room are top notch.

I am very pleased that I am looking as normal as I can.

My wife and family are very pleased with the surgery Dr. Schmidt and his staff did on my lip.
I am very pleased with the surgery and the follow up performed.

What do you say about a doctor

What do you say about a doctor that gives you your face back?

I had no nose!

I had a large sore on my nose. A dermatologist took a large piece of my nose for biopsy. The results, cancer. Another dermatologist performed MOHS surgery. What that means is they keep removing slices of tissue until the cancer is gone. When they reached that point with me, there really wasn’t much left of my nose left. Imagine having your nose virtually removed and thinking about never going into the public again. At this point I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt.

Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt had never seen me before the MOHS surgery and really had no idea of what I looked like before. So here we are at this point I met Dr. Schmidt. A plastic surgeon, a patient without a nose.

I’m a wood carver and I can assure you that carving facial features is very difficult. And more so the facial features made of real human flesh. But Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt is a master at facial reconstruction and he made my face look great. But here’s more proof, I have received numerous complimentary comments from friends and acquaintances who know what I’ve been through.

Dr Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt,

This kind, friendly and very professional Doctor gets my vote for all anyone would look for in a Doctor. I am almost disappointed to be finished for now but would always hurry back if necessary.

Truly a remarkable doctor

Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt is truly a remarkable doctor that knows exactly how to take care of his patients from start to finish! When I first met Dr.Schmidt he explained all my symptoms and procedures we would have to treat with thorough and kindness, adding extra comfort which was well needed.

Very accommodating

Had skin cancer on my nose which was removed from another Dr. and after 3 surgeries my nose still was lopsided...he fixed it with what little he had to work with and looks considerably better. At least I can breathe again! He is very professional, staff is friendly and very accommodating in scheduling appointments to fit my busy life. Highly recommend him!

An excellent surgeon with high aspirations

Dr. Schmidt is an excellent surgeon with high aspirations. He successfully repaired my very large facial wound from a melanoma excision. He was resourceful, diligent and persistent; resulting in an amazing surgical outcome. During all visits he was kind, courteous, confident, and complementary.

He is patient and thorough

Dr. Schmidt is the best! He is patient and thorough. Answers all questions and concerns and makes you feel like you are his only patient. He made something that I've been insecure about for years, look absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend him to anyone!

I highly recommend him

Dr. Schmidt is very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant, as is his staff. The reconstructive surgery following my melanoma removal surpassed all expectations. I highly recommend him.

My family and I are so appreciative

My family and I are so appreciative of the incredible level of care and personal attention that Dr. Schmidt showed.  His dedication to his patient was at a degree that rarely gets seen in today’s society.  Dr. Schmidt truly embodies what every medical professional should strive to be.

I am so thankful

I am so thankful that Dr. Schmidt was on site in the ER upon my arrival and took the time to meticulously repair my full thickness facial lacerations. I have to say that, unless I point out my facial injury, people say “if you had not mentioned it, I never would have noticed it."

Did an expert job

Dr. Schmidt did a procedure on my face and not only did an expert job, but followed it with superb aftercare. His background has involved re-building faces after traumas (i.e. disease, accident, birth defects). He truly loves his mission, and I would entrust him with any procedure that he may suggest.

He is a talented and capable doctor

Dr. Schmidt is a talented and capable doctor; I allowed him to work on both myself and my husband and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Very pleased with the results

Dr. Schmidt is the most caring, thorough and patient doctor I have ever encountered. He is there to make sure your outcome is the very best and that you are happy with the results...my look is a very natural one leaving no one to suspect that surgery was performed.

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