Truly a remarkable doctor

    Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt is truly a remarkable doctor that knows exactly how to take care of his patients from start to finish! When I first met Dr.Schmidt he explained all my symptoms and procedures we would have to treat with thorough and kindness, adding extra comfort which was well needed.

    Very accommodating

    Had skin cancer on my nose which was removed from another Dr. and after 3 surgeries my nose still was lopsided...he fixed it with what little he had to work with and looks considerably better. At least I can breathe again! He is very professional, staff is friendly and very accommodating in scheduling appointments to fit my busy life. Highly recommend him!

    An excellent surgeon with high aspirations

    Dr. Schmidt is an excellent surgeon with high aspirations. He successfully repaired my very large facial wound from a melanoma excision. He was resourceful, diligent and persistent; resulting in an amazing surgical outcome. During all visits he was kind, courteous, confident, and complementary.

    He is patient and thorough

    Dr. Schmidt is the best! He is patient and thorough. Answers all questions and concerns and makes you feel like you are his only patient. He made something that I've been insecure about for years, look absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend him to anyone!

    I highly recommend him

    Dr. Schmidt is very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant, as is his staff. The reconstructive surgery following my melanoma removal surpassed all expectations. I highly recommend him.

    My family and I are so appreciative

    My family and I are so appreciative of the incredible level of care and personal attention that Dr. Schmidt showed.  His dedication to his patient was at a degree that rarely gets seen in today’s society.  Dr. Schmidt truly embodies what every medical professional should strive to be.

    I am so thankful

    I am so thankful that Dr. Schmidt was on site in the ER upon my arrival and took the time to meticulously repair my full thickness facial lacerations. I have to say that, unless I point out my facial injury, people say “if you had not mentioned it, I never would have noticed it."

    Did an expert job

    Dr. Schmidt did a procedure on my face and not only did an expert job, but followed it with superb aftercare. His background has involved re-building faces after traumas (i.e. disease, accident, birth defects). He truly loves his mission, and I would entrust him with any procedure that he may suggest.

    He is a talented and capable doctor

    Dr. Schmidt is a talented and capable doctor; I allowed him to work on both myself and my husband and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

    Very pleased with the results

    Dr. Schmidt is the most caring, thorough and patient doctor I have ever encountered. He is there to make sure your outcome is the very best and that you are happy with the look is a very natural one leaving no one to suspect that surgery was performed.

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