The human body works in fascinating ways to heal itself after an injury–but not always in exactly the way we would like. While wounds sometimes heal leaving no trace behind, in many cases visible or discolored scars remain.

These scars have a tendency to contract over time, which can result in both aesthetic and functional impairments. Some patients may have trouble breathing or closing their eyes due to scar tissue.

Scar revision is a versatile procedure that can reduce the appearance and impact of severe scars. Dr. Schmidt’s extensive experience with scar revision techniques allows him to address a wide range of scars, returning patients to the face they recognize.

How does scar revision work?

Because no two scars are exactly alike, scar revision surgery differs depending on the patient. By examining and consulting with the patient, Dr. Schmidt will determine what specific techniques will produce the best results.

In some cases, Dr. Schmidt excises the scar tissue and reshapes the skin around it. This scar repair technique works particularly well for deep scars, gashes, or animal bites–especially when located on a flat area of the face.

The surgical incisions are much cleaner than the original wound, so scarring is significantly less discernable after healing. Dr. Schmidt also places supportive sutures within the muscle and connective tissue under the skin. This reduces tension so the skin can lay smooth and relaxed over the wound area.

For jagged or raised scars, Dr. Schmidt may use a skin resurfacing technique known as dermabrasion.

During dermabrasion, Dr. Schmidt scrapes off scar tissue with a rapidly rotating rubber tool. This minorly invasive procedure simply creates an opportunity for skin tissue to regrow over a smooth surface, replacing the rough, uneven scar tissue that was there before.

For profound repair, Dr. Schmidt may combine scar revision dermabrasion with a chemical peel.

Results and recovery

The specific recovery process depends on the location and extent of scarring. Dr. Schmidt consults personally with each patient regarding instructions for aftercare and the estimated healing time frame.

Most patients can expect some swelling, discoloration, and discomfort immediately following scar revision surgery. Many can resume normal activity within 10 to 14 days.

While it typically takes several months for the full effects of scar revision surgery to become visible, the final results are long lasting.

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