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    Dr. Schmidt takes a highly personalized approach to reshaping the structure and appearance of the nose. His extensive training as a facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat surgeon), as well as his experience in nose reshaping techniques, allows him to address a wide range of issues, while also remaining attentive to each patient’s natural facial contours. The result is an attractive, proportionate nose that supports harmony among facial features, rather than calling attention to itself.

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    Expert Rhinoplasty Treatment

    When it comes to a cosmetic nose surgery, even the smallest adjustment can make a big difference in the appearance of the nose. In addition, the nose serves an important functional purpose. For these reasons, it’s important to choose a surgeon who specializes in facial plastic surgery and understands the intricate functional structures within the nose when you are considering a rhinoplasty in Denver. As a double board-certified surgeon in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology who was fellowship trained by a world-renowned leader in the field, Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt has the skills, expertise, and artistic insight to perform surgery with the highest standard of care.

    Most men and women seeking nose surgery in Denver want to avoid the “done” look, which can result when imperfections of the nose are overcorrected. Dr. Schmidt takes a comprehensive approach and is mindful of the natural proportions of a patient’s anatomy. This approach allows him to produce superior, natural-looking results that achieve an overall balance of the facial features. With a background in head and neck surgery, Dr. Schmidt is also fully capable of handling complex nose reshaping to correct breathing difficulties.

    Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Nose Surgery?

    This common, versatile surgery can address both the appearance and the function of the nose. Candidates for rhinoplasty typically include individuals who have experienced any of the following:

    • Disproportionately large or small nose
    • Asymmetrical or misaligned nose
    • Crooked or poorly shaped nose
    • Disproportionate nostrils
    • Bulbous tip of the nose or a flat nasal tip.
    • Prominent dorsal hump (a protrusion or bump on the bridge of the nose)
    • Cosmetic imperfections due to a previous nasal surgery or injury (broken nose)

    Ideal patients for nose surgery in Denver should also have reasonable, optimistic expectations about the outcome of their procedure. The goal of treatment is to provide significant improvement within the limits of your natural anatomy, rather than perfection. To see examples of results from prior patients, feel free to browse our before-and-after rhinoplasty photo gallery.

    Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

    Many patients find treatment to be life-changing, and Dr. Schmidt takes great pride in being able to produce results that complement a person’s natural features. As you begin your journey toward considering nose surgery, your first step will be a friendly, informative consultation with Dr. Schmidt at his Denver office.

    See Your Potential Results During Consultation

    Trying to visualize Dr. Schmidt’s recommended surgical plan or communicating the look you desire can be challenging. At Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer state-of-the-art 3D imaging and simulation as part our consultation process allowing you to see the possible results you can expect with Dr. Schmidt’s recommendations.

    In addition, you can expect to have all of your questions and concerns answered during the consultation appointment. For patients considering additional procedures, Dr. Schmidt is happy to guide you through various treatments that can complement the effects of rhinoplasty. For example, many patients choose to undergo chin reshaping to optimally balance the facial features, or non-invasive treatments like injectables to give the face a more rejuvenated appearance.

    Dr. Schmidt will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that aligns with your goals and aesthetic tastes. His top priority is to provide patients with cost-effective and highly personalized surgical care.

    Cosmetic Nose Surgery with Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery

    Attentive, Personalized Service and Privacy

    Undergoing any kind of surgery can be a source of anxiety for some patients, especially when their appearance is involved. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt understands the emotions patients might be facing when undergoing rhinoplasty, which is why he imbues world-class service to every aspect of his Denver based plastic surgery practice.

    Your comfort and privacy will be treated with absolute importance. Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery has a private entryway, private exit, and even a private waiting room for extra discretion. And for out-of-town patients, the team at Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery offers concierge services to help out with finding hotel accommodations, arranging transportation, post-surgical caregivers and everything else you’ll need to have a pleasant stay.

    How Rhinoplasty Works

    Many surgeons regard rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a “nose job”,  as one of the most technically difficult operations to perform. Not only does the nose have a complex internal and external anatomy, it is also the central, most prominent facial feature – changes to its structure can have an immense impact on overall appearance. Dr. Schmidt uses the following surgical technique to produce exceptional results:

    1. After anesthesia has been administered, incisions are cut either inside the nose or hidden in the tissue between the nostrils.
    2. Dr. Schmidt will then adjust the structure of the nose. This may involve removing or reshaping bone and cartilage, or adding cartilage grafts if necessary.
    3. No nose is reshaped in isolation. Dr. Schmidt sculpts the nose with consideration to the angles and proportions of the rest of the face to create a balanced front and profile view.
    4. After reshaping, incisions are closed. Temporary supports may be inserted inside the nose or placed on the outside of the nose to provide support in the initial days of healing.

    Nose Surgery for Breathing Difficulties (Septoplasty)

    With a background in head and neck surgery, Dr. Schmidt is also equipped to correct breathing problems during nose reshaping. A deviated septum is the most common cause of breathing difficulties and may be corrected during your nose surgery with a septoplasty. The septum is a partition separating the inside of the nose into two halves. A misshapen or deviated septum can prevent normal airflow, causing breathing difficulties as well as nosebleeds or headaches, a limited sense of smell and taste, and interrupted sleep.

    In addition, the nose contains three-to-four “turbinate bones” that play a role in cleaning and humidifying air for the lungs. In some patients, the linings around these bones are so thick that airflow is reduced or blocked completely. In these cases, Dr. Schmidt will shrink the structures so that they can perform their proper function without constricting airflow.

    If you are experiencing breathing issues, insurance coverage may be available for all or part of the functional components of your nose surgery.

    Benefits of Rhinoplasty

    • Balanced Facial Features: As the face’s central feature, the nose can determine the overall balance of the rest of the facial features. When the nose is sculpted to a more flattering size or shape, the rest of your facial features will come together in an aesthetically pleasing way.
    • Improved Breathing and Sinus Health: Patients who have structural defects within the nose often suffer from long-standing sinus issues, including difficulty breathing, headaches or recurrent sinus infections. With corrective nose surgery, patients can look forward to significant improvement in nose function.
    • Restore Confidence: Treatment can not only bring create attractive harmony between facial features, but it can also help boost self-confidence. Even with subtle reshaping, patients typically feel much more comfortable knowing that they are in control of the impression they make on the world – not their nose.

    Ready to explore your options for rhinoplasty in Denver? Reach out to Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation for nose surgery with Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Rhinoplasty in Denver

    What Can I Expect During My Recovery Time?

    Immediately after your procedure, you will still be under some of the effects of anesthesia, so you cannot drive. As such, it’s important to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home after nose surgery.

    While you are recovering at home, you may experience some swelling and bruising around the nose. Your breathing might also be limited during the first week after surgery. Dr. Schmidt will provide you with instructions for proper post-operative care. Your dressings will be removed at follow up appointment one week after surgery.

    Most patients can return to normal activity after two or three weeks, although the time frame is different for everyone. In some cases, patients will need to wait a couple month or more before returning to strenuous activity or wearing glasses.

    Can I Wear Glasses During Rhinoplasty Recovery?

    Patients who wear glasses will need to take extra measures to protect the nose. Generally, you should avoid wearing glasses during the first six weeks after rhinoplasty. If you can’t avoid wearing glasses, you’ll need to either tape them to suspend them from your forehead or purchase a device that suspends the glasses on your cheeks to relieve pressure on the nose.

    Where Will My Nose Surgery Be Performed?

    We maintain a state-of-the-art operating room that meets strict safety standards. For optimal convenience and comfort, most procedures will be performed at this on-site surgical facility. If there is a functional component to your nose surgery, your procedure may be performed at a local outpatient surgery center.

    Are There Any Potential Complications from Rhinoplasty?

    Rhinoplasty is considered to be a fairly safe procedure, and you can minimize the risk of complications by closely following your pre-operative and post-operative instructions. Although complications are rare, standard surgical risks are applicable.

    Does Nose Surgery Leave Visible Scars?

    Dr. Schmidt understands patients’ concerns for having visible scars, which is why he takes great care to make very fine incisions during nose surgery. With a closed rhinoplasty, all incisions will be made inside of the nose. In an open surgical procedure, the incision is located on the columella, which is the thin strip of tissue located between the nostrils. Because this area is hidden from view, any resulting scars will typically be imperceptible.

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