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As gravity takes its toll over the years, skin can start to collect around the neck, creating jowls, banding or creasing. These changes can even occur before signs of aging are conspicuous in facial features, creating an imbalance between the neck and face.

A neck lift targets these issues to restore a strong jawline and smooth skin under the face. Dr. Schmidt is trained in a variety of neck lift techniques to restore each patient’s own natural contours.

Who Is a Candidate for This Procedure?

Neck lifts can restore a balanced, natural appearance for patients who have:

  • Excess, sagging skin under the jaw and around the neck
  • A jawline that appears stretched or obscured
  • Wrinkles, banding, or creasing across or around the neck
  • A neck and face that appear mismatched

How Neck Lifts Work

A neck lift procedure involves redistributing fat and skin tissue toward the hairline and removing excess skin.

Depending on the amount and location of excess skin, Dr. Schmidt will create incisions over the midline of the neck (direct incision) or behind the ears along the hairline (hairline incision). This decision helps ensure personalized results that match the underlying shape of each patient’s features, as well as minimal scarring after the procedure.

Dr. Schmidt is also attentive to how neck muscles will appear after rejuvenation. For patients with thin skin tissue, it’s important to ensure that the neck muscles will not create bulges and banding once excess skin has been removed. Dr. Schmidt will perform neck lifts with platysmaplasty, or reconstruction of the muscles, to prevent this when necessary.

Results and Recovery

Initial recovery after a neck lift usually takes around seven to ten days. Most healing will be complete after six weeks, with full results enjoyed at about the six-month mark.

Denver Neck Lift FAQs

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost in Denver?

Because Dr. Schmidt creates a personalized surgical plan for each patient, it’s not possible to provide an accurate cost estimate without first consulting with you and learning all about your goals and concerns. During your consultation, our team is also happy to explain financing options to make your investment more affordable.

What Is the Best Age for a Neck Lift?

Every patient ages differently due to factors like lifestyle choices and genetics, so neck lift patients don’t need to be at a specific age. If you are experiencing issues like prominent muscle banding or skin laxity around your jawline, or if your neck has aged more rapidly than your face, you may be a good candidate for Denver’s best neck lift regardless of how many birthdays you have celebrated.

Can I Combine My Neck Lift With Other Procedures?

In many cases, combining facial plastic surgery procedures is the best way to obtain optimal results, save money, and reduce your overall recovery period. For instance, pairing a neck lift with a facelift is an optimal way to turn back the clock on your cheeks, jawline, and neck region. A platysma tightening procedure can further enhance the neck lift by tightening the muscles that can cause vertical banding in the neck.  For a more comprehensive rejuvenation, you may also wish to add an eyelid lift. During your consultation, ask Dr. Schmidt what complementary surgeries he recommends.

Where Can I See Neck Lift Before-and-After Pictures?

Please visit our photo gallery to see the results Dr. Schmidt has helped previous patients achieve with his skills and expertise.

What Is a Direct Neck Lift?

A direct neck lift is a technique that is often reserved for individuals with short, sparse, or no hair behind the ears. Dr. Schmidt can make a zig-zaggedincision over the length of the midline of the neck, through which he will remove excess skin and fat and potentially even tighten the underlying neck muscles. This technique is also ideal for neck lift patients who do not want to undergo more extensive anesthesia, as Dr. Schmidt can often perform the surgery under local anesthesia with or without sedation.

What Activities Should I Avoid After Neck Lift Surgery?

For the first few days after a neck lift, we recommend patients keep their heads still and avoid twisting or turning motions. Keeping your head elevated and applying cold compresses can help minimize swelling. While gentle movement such as light walks can help speed the healing process, please avoid more strenuous exercise until Dr. Schmidt clears you to resume workouts. We will send you home with detailed instructions about when to return for follow-up appointments and how to care for your incision sites.

How Long Will My Neck Lift Last?

If you are diligent about maintaining a skin care routine that includes sunscreen and moisturizer, you can prolong your neck lift results for years. While no surgery can stop your natural aging process, your lifted neck will continue looking younger than if you had never had the surgery.

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