For a youthful appearance that boosts self-confidence, it’s important for the facial features to work in harmony with one another. Even one disproportionate feature can undercut the balance of the whole face.

This effect can be most obvious with a prominent forehead. Not only does a large forehead distract from other features such as the eyes; it also pushes back the hairline, making good hair days hard to come by.

Forehead reduction—also known as hairline lowering, hairline advancement, or scalp advancement—shortens the forehead by bringing the hairline down to a more natural position. This restores focus to the eyes and other facial features, while significantly enhancing how the hair looks in any style or cut.

Who is a candidate for forehead reduction?

Patients with a hairline that sits disproportionately high on the scalp are the most common candidates for forehead reduction.

Good candidates should have thick hair and adequate scalp laxity to ensure a successful procedure. As with any procedure, Dr. Schmidt will provide personalized consultations to determine what hairline advancement technique will achieve the desired results most effectively and naturally.

Some patients who have experienced hair loss or a mildly receded hairline may also be good candidates for forehead reduction. However, thin hair or ongoing hair loss makes forehead reduction less feasible–these patients may consider hair transplantation instead.

How does forehead reduction work?

Forehead reduction involves the removal of a section of skin in the forehead region so that the scalp can be lifted and repositioned lower on the head. Hairline advancement typically takes at least two hours and can be conducted under general anesthesia.

Dr. Schmidt will make incisions near the original hairline, which will then be hidden underneath hair when it grows back after the procedure. The repositioned scalp is held in place with temporary sutures.

After hairline advancement surgery, the forehead will accentuate both the hair and other facial features, rather than competing with them.

Results and recovery

Patients should expect some minor swelling and bruising in the head and face following forehead reduction surgery.

Dr. Schmidt will provide instructions for post-operative care and a timeline for the removal of dressings and stitches. While the recovery process is different for each patient, most can return to normal activity after about a week.

After healing, forehead reduction patients can enjoy immediate results that last a lifetime.

Forehead Reduction FAQs

How Much Does Hairline-Lowering Surgery Cost in Denver?

Because Dr. Schmidt takes a personalized approach to forehead reduction surgery, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Various factors affect the final price tag. During your virtual or in-person consultation, Dr. Schmidt can give you a more accurate cost after talking with you about your goals and what you hope to achieve with this procedure.

Will I Have Visible Scarring After Forehead Reduction Surgery?

Any surgical procedure can leave scars, but as a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Schmidt takes care to make the incisions necessary for Denver forehead reduction surgery in the hairline, which will naturally conceal any resulting scarring. If you’re concerned about noticeable scarring, you can get an over-the-counter topical cream at your nearest pharmacy and start applying it once your sutures come out.

Can I Combine a Forehead Reduction With Any Other Procedures?

Yes! Since the primary goal of a hairline-lowering surgery is to achieve better balance, harmony, and proportion among all your facial features, Dr. Schmidt may recommend getting other procedures in tandem with your forehead reduction, including cheek augmentation, a rhinoplasty, or chin reshaping. Combining surgeries is ideal for anyone with a busy schedule, because you’ll only have to worry about one recovery time. You can also save money on various fees associated with surgery.

How Do I Find the Best Surgeon to Perform My Hairline-Lowering Surgery in Denver?

Not every plastic surgeon has the expertise necessary to perform natural-looking forehead reductions. For optimal results, look for a doctor who has earned board certification in plastic surgery or a related discipline, as this certification is a testament to a physician’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of ethics and patient safety. From there, schedule a consultation to have all your questions answered and ensure the surgeon’s personality and aesthetic philosophy align with your goals.

When considering a procedure that will alter any aspect of your appearance, you’ll want to feel confident that you’ve chosen your surgeon wisely. Dr. Schmidt maintains double board certification and completed a fellowship at one of the leading facial plastic surgery training institutions in the world.

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