Most people worry primarily about wrinkles and sagging in the face as they age. However, fat volume loss, or the depletion of fat tissue in the face, a subtle but equally significant process can cause the face to appear aged and tired.

    The loss of volume in the areas around the mouth, eyes, and cheeks can create a sunken appearance. It is a normal effect of aging, but also commonly impacts patients who have experienced weight loss.

    Facial fat grafting is a long-lasting, volume enhancement procedure to rejuvenate the face. For this procedure, Dr. Schmidt inserts small amounts of fat tissue to key areas of the face, restoring its full, youthful appearance.

    How Facial Fat Grafting Works

    A facial fat grafting procedure begins by harvest fat cells from another part of the body, commonly the abdomen or inner or outer thighs, by removing fat tissue in the selected areas.

    A little goes a long way—only a tiny amount of fat is needed, and no major incisions are required.

    Dr. Schmidt then purifies the fat tissue using a state-of-the-art filtration technology called Puregraft. Compared to traditional purification methods, Puregraft has been found to remove more contaminants—which ultimately ensures quicker healing and longer-lasting results.

    Once the Puregraft process is complete, the fat can be inserted into key points of the face. Insertion points depend on each patient’s individual needs, but could include the temples, nose, cheeks, chin, around the eyes, or around the mouth.

    Recovery and Results

    Facial fat grafting is a long-lasting, permanent volume enhancement procedure. This longevity is due to the fact that fat grafting uses a patient’s own tissues. The natural fat transfer means the body is much less likely reject or reabsorb the grafted tissue than it would a synthetic implant such as dermal fillers. The transferred fat simply grows as it normally would.

    Dr. Schmidt’s patients can also expect particularly long-lasting results due to the Puregraft process, as it removes impurities that could otherwise inhibit the growth and retention of grafted fat.

    The immediate recovery period typically between 10 to 14 days and may very from patient-to-patient.

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    Dr. Schmidt’s priority is to provide personalized and cost-effective procedures for each patient. He is available for one-on-one consultations to discuss individual needs and potential solutions. For patients who live outside the Denver area, Dr. Schmidt will conduct preliminary consultations via webcam using Skype, Tango, or Facetime.

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