OnabotulinumtoxinA is a protein that has been injected for decades for medicinal purposes. The product works by temporarily blocking signals to specific muscle fibers around the area of injection. This results in the relaxation of those muscles. The end result is that the skin overlying those muscles in the face does not fold onto itself, and so the wrinkles become less prominent or disappear entirely. Treatment duration varies among individuals, but generally, some effect is noticeable for between 3 to 4 months and even up to 6 months in some cases.

BOTOX® was FDA approved in 2002 for cosmetic use to treat the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, often called the “elevens” because of their shape. In 2013, BOTOX® was approved for the treatment of the wrinkles toward the sides of the eyes, sometimes referred to as “crow’s feet.” At Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, we also use the medication in a number of other areas to achieve a smoothing, rejuvenating, and very natural appearance to the face. These techniques are very well established but are not necessarily performed by all physicians injecting these types of medications.

We treat the following problems using BOTOX®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau®:

  • horizontal wrinkles/lines of the forehead
  • vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • wrinkles toward the sides of the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • horizontal wrinkles of the nose (sometimes called bunny lines)
  • wrinkles around the lips
  • excessively mobile upper lip during smile (gummy smile)
  • cobblestoned or dimpled chin
  • prominent neck bands (lizard neck appearance)

Other companies offer similar and effective products that contain the same or a similar protein, and these products go by a different brand names (e.g., Xeomin® and Jeuveau® versus BOTOX®). The medication is extremely effective at treating wrinkles, particularly those that are only present with movement of the muscles of the face. As with most types of medical treatment, there is potential for risk. We disclose these risks while discussing your customized treatment plan.


How much research has gone into BOTOX®?

When you choose BOTOX®, you can trust its track record. Backed by over 16 years of published studies, BOTOX® is the most widely studied cosmetic treatment of its kind, approved for use in almost 100 countries. More than 500 peer-reviewed articles published in medical and scientific journals have described this product’s safety and efficacy.

Will my face look unnatural or overdone?

Neuromodulators’ long-lasting popularity has led many unqualified, untrained people to advertise their services as injectors. While getting your injectable treatment at your hair salon or a friend’s house might seem convenient, you should always choose the services of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon to ensure reliable, natural-looking results. Dr. Schmidt has a medical doctorate and has completed a highly competitive fellowship program at one of the world’s premier facial plastic surgery training institutions, and he pledges to uphold the highest standards of medical ethics and patient safety.

Are neuromodulator injections only for women?

Absolutely not. Many men are finding the benefits of BOTOX® and XEOMIN® to help them maintain a youthful appearance for personal and professional relationships. The number of men choosing these products has been steadily increasing in the past few years, due to the appeal of a quick, painless procedure with no downtime.

What is the best age to get treatment with BOTOX® or XEOMIN®?

There’s no such thing as an “ideal” age to improve your appearance. Dr. Schmidt frequently sees men and women in their late 20s and early 30s who are seeking non-surgical cosmetic help.

The truth is that everyone’s expression lines form differently, based on factors like genetics, lifestyle choices, cellular changes, reduced collagen production, and skin damage caused by free radicals from the environment.

Whenever your wrinkles start becoming a concern for you, schedule a consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate.

What’s the difference between BOTOX® and XEOMIN®?

Though these two products have the same active ingredient, and both work to minimize wrinkles, they have a different formulation. While BOTOX® includes multiple protective proteins clustered around the active molecule, XEOMIN® undergoes an extra purification step of purification that eliminates these additives.

As a “naked” form of botulinum toxin, XEOMIN® bonds directly with your facial muscles. That’s why Dr. Schmidt often recommends it as an effective solution for anyone who has noticed their BOTOX® injections don’t produce the same results they used to.

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