Our skin is our interface with the world. It’s how we feel heat from the sun on a summer day, our pet’s paw nudging us awake, or that poison ivy patch we shouldn’t have walked through.

Through all these experiences, our skin takes on wear and tear. As we age, dead and damaged skin cells can start to build up, creating an uneven texture and dull appearance in the face.

Chemical peels are a versatile option for addressing mild to severe signs of aging. This treatment removes dead skin cells so that skin can be its healthiest and most radiant. As a result of this treatment, the skin is revitalized with an even texture and youthful glow.

How do chemical peels work?

Dr. Schmidt will use either a mild, moderate, or deep chemical peel depending on the patient’s individual needs.

Mild peels

A mild chemical peel (sometimes called a light peel) exfoliates and rejuvenates only the outermost layer of skin. A chemical solution is brushed onto the face to dislodge dead skin cells. After a short period of time, the solution is washed off and neutralized. This treatment creates a healthy, even texture and luminous glow in the face.

Mild peels are typically best for patients with discoloration, sun damage or superficial wrinkles. They cannot address deep-set wrinkles or age spots.

After a mild peel, patients may feel some minor tingling or redness. However, no significant recovery time is necessary after the procedure.

Moderate peels

Moderate chemical peels penetrate further into the skin to address deeper wrinkles, abnormal pigmentation or skin tightening.

Patients typically experience some stinging or redness as a result of this procedure, and it may take several weeks for the skin to return to its normal color.

Deep peels

Deep peels work down to the lowest layers of skin for profound rejuvenation. Patients with deep-set wrinkles, scars, or severe sun damage may be candidates for deep peels.

Not only do deep peels remove wrinkles, but they also stimulate a skin plumping protein called collagen. This helps the skin naturally fill in residual wrinkles weeks to months after the procedure.

Because deep peels are a more aggressive treatment than other chemical peels, patients are typically given a sedative and roughly two weeks of recovery time are required. There may be some crusting or swelling that will subside after a week or more.

Choosing the right procedure for you

No two faces are exactly the same—the extent of aging, depth of wrinkles, and skin texture will all help determine what type of treatment is best for a given patient. Dr. Schmidt works closely with chemical peel candidates to determine the type of peel that will produce the most natural and pleasing results.

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