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    This patient visited us following a car accident with injury to the nose; she reported nasal obstruction and concerns regarding the appearance of the nose, specifically the width of the nasal tip. She had had multiple prior rhinoplasty operations performed prior to the injury in order to address prior injuries. During her revision rhinoplasty, her tip was narrowed using a combination of techniques, and a cartilage graft taken from the ear was utilized to straighten the nose and open the nasal cavity. Postoperatively, she has much improved nasal obstruction to airflow and reports that she doesn’t have to think about her breathing. She is extremely pleased with the results of the surgery, and on base view of the nose, her scar is well camouflaged. Aesthetically, her nose has a refined appearance but is not too petite, as this would not harmonize with the remainder of his face. Her post-op photos reflect her results from the eight
    month post-operative visit.


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