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    This young lady was interested in refinancing external appearance of the nose. She did not like the profile or the fullness of the tip. There was also a slightly raised skin lesion along the right nasal tip who’s color was similar to that of the surrounding skin. She also like the contour of the neck full of the chin and the jawline. she underwent cosmetic rhinoplasty and liposuction of the jawline and neck area is just below the lower jaw. you can see that there is refinement of the nasal tip and the profile with a nose that is beautifully balanced with the remainder of the face. Her jawline is much better defined with the neck liposuction procedure.The scars under the chin is very well-heeled and barely noticeable, and the ones behind the ear are just a small and even more difficult to find. The photos here are taken 6 months following her rhinoplasty and neck liposculpting operation. She was initially very apprehensive about the procedure but couldn’t be more thrilled with her results.


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