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    This gentleman has a history of extensive sun damage, and was treated for skin cancer by surgical excision. He underwent Mohs reconstruction of both sides of the nose using separate flap techniques for each side. Right-sided paramedian forehead flap along with cheek advancement flap surgery was performed to reconstruct the right nostril. A cartilage graft taken from the ear was used to reinforce the nostril to prevent distortion with healing of the scar. This does not change the shape of the ear. if you look closely at the forehead, you will see a very faint vertical scar running from the top to the bottom of the forehead. On the left, a portion of the cheek upper / upper lip skin was rotated to reconstruct the nostril. This scar is difficult to find but runs parallel to the top of the left side of the mustache. Our patient was exceptionally happy with the results and returned for additional refinement procedures and skin resurfacing to improve the overall condition of the skin from an aesthetic and skin cancer minimization standpoint. His photos here were taken a short 3 months following first stage Mohs surgery


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