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    This gentleman came to us for lip reconstruction following Mohs excision of a skin cancer. These reconstructive procedures can be relatively challenging considering the limited amount of skin available for reconstruction of this area accompanied by a significant amount of movement and stretching. There is a tendency for scars to widen under tension, and so it is necessary to borrow from not only the lip area but also some of the cheek tissue in order to optimize scar healing and function. If you look at the postoperative photos, You’ll notice that there is good continuity of the pink portion of the lip across the scar. It is critical to make sure that the pink portions are lined up as precisely as possible in order to avoid creating distortions in this very conspicuous area. There is hair loss around the scar which may regrow with time. This sometimes happens from stretching of the skin that reduces circulation in the capillaries supplying blood to the hair follicles. Excellent lip function with feeding and articulation during speech have been maintained. Overall, despite such a large segment of skin removed with this advanced cancer, the aesthetic result is excellent. Our patient could not be happier. The postoperative photos were taken just beyond the three-month mark.


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