Our patient here was introduced to our practice following Mohs excision of a skin cancer with need for reconstruction. The scar from this reconstruction is faintly visible in the crease between the left upper lip and the left cheek. She was so pleased with the results that she decided to undergo facial rejuvenation procedures which she had been contemplating for many years. We performed a brow lift, facelift (i.e. cheek lift), and neck lift along with upper blepharoplasty / lower blepharoplasty, Puregraft autologous facial fat transfer, full face resurfacing with dermabrasion / chemical peel, liposuction along the jawline and neck, and shave of various skin lesions. Intermediate photos show results at 1 month postoperative, and there is clearly persistent pinkness when not wearing makeup. With makeup, her pink skin was completely hidden. Her photos also show her results at 6 months without foundation makeup, and the skin color is essentially back to baseline. No the significant improvements in skin texture and facial volume. There is still some skin redundancy just outside the corners of the mouth, owing to the degree of swelling that manifests during the course of the procedure. This swelling inherently limits to some degree the amount of lifting of the tissues at that particular time. Nonetheless, she still has achieved significant facial rejuvenation. There is marked improvement of the angle between the chin and the neck. On oblique view, there is also significant improvement in the jowls’ appearance. The facelift scar is imperceptible in these photos.

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