This young fellow came to us with his parents regarding concerns about the appearance of a skin lesion of the right temple area. Tolerated Mole excision under local anesthesia very well and was extremely diligent in performing the post-operative care by taping and applying prescribed scar gel to the area. This is evidenced by his tan line in the area immediately surrounding the scar. The skin-colored tape prevents widening of the scar and is particularly important given the large excision required in a relatively small area. Despite the size of the excision needed to completely remove the mole, there is no appreciable change in the hairline or the position of the eyebrow or eyelids. Avoidance of such distortions is probably the greatest challenge with performing a large excision in the temporal area. Both our patient and his parents are extremely happy with the outcome of the mole excision. The photos demonstrate the appearance roughly four months after mole removal. Scars tend to remain pink for the first several months, and they remain pink longer particularly in younger children with fair skin.

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