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    I was referred to Dr. J. Schmidt by MOH’s Surgeon Dr. Chapman after he took 3 cuts to remove basal cell cancer from my left nostril.

    Dr. Schmidt was very knowledgeable and explained well the procedures he would be performing to supply a skin graft to my nostril. He performed the surgery in a very sterile condition and explained every step of the way while removing skin from my left ear area and applying it to the nostril. Clear, concise instructions were provided as to how to care for the areas.

    After being assured that the skin graft had taken he removed cartilage from my left ear and attached it to the skin graft to prevent the skin graft from pulling up the nostril.

    I am very pleased with how the skin graft looks and receive very good comments as to how it looks.

    I would recommend Dr. J. Schmidt to anyone encountering the need for a skin graft.

    Doris M. Smith

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