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What do you say about a doctor that gives you your face back?

I had no nose!

I had a large sore on my nose. A dermatologist took a large piece of my nose for biopsy. The results, cancer. Another dermatologist performed MOHS surgery. What that means is they keep removing slices of tissue until the cancer is gone. When they reached that point with me, there really wasn’t much left of my nose left. Imagine having your nose virtually removed and thinking about never going into the public again. At this point I was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt.

Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt had never seen me before the MOHS surgery and really had no idea of what I looked like before. So here we are at this point I met Dr. Schmidt. A plastic surgeon, a patient without a nose.

I’m a wood carver and I can assure you that carving facial features is very difficult. And more so the facial features made of real human flesh. But Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt is a master at facial reconstruction and he made my face look great. But here’s more proof, I have received numerous complimentary comments from friends and acquaintances who know what I’ve been through.

Terry Stoltz

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