“Dr. Schmidt assisted Dr. McCollough in my facelift and nose reshape in January 2012.

I had it done for my 60th birthday and am very pleased with the results. All of my follow up visits with Dr. Schmidt were great.”

– John H., Alabama

Volunteering Abroad

In 2010, Dr. Schmidt travelled with a group of surgeons on a medical mission trip to Vietnam. This effort involved securing grants from multiple organizations to support the cause. As a result, Dr. Schmidt was able to provide surgical repairs to children in need of facial plastic surgery that could not otherwise be provided. During his trip, he also educated the Vietnamese attending surgeons on some of the latest surgical techniques. The philosophy of “teaching a man to fish” as opposed to “catching it for him” was applied. Dr. Schmidt anticipates a return to Vietnam in the near future, and he also wishes to travel with his team to other countries in need of similar services.

Though the need for volunteering of healthcare services is great abroad, there are many individuals at the local, regional, and national level that have become victims of tragedy and are in need of healthcare without the ability to provide it for themselves.


For Our Heroes

In honor of those that have served our nation, Dr. Schmidt will waive his surgeon’s fees for those qualifying servicemen and servicewomen that have suffered a facial injury during combat with resulting disfigurement. Also, no consultation fee will be assessed for such patients. If implants are required for reconstructive surgery, Dr. Schmidt will attempt to facilitate donation of the implant by its manufacturer. Individuals interested in this service should contact a member of Dr. Schmidt’s team to determine eligibility.


Victims of Domestic Violence

To help heal the physical and deep psychological wounds that persist following domestic violence, Dr. Schmidt will offer his services at no charge to qualifying individuals. Those men and women with injuries to the head, face, and/or neck area resulting from domestic abuse should contact our office (link to contact us) to determine if the patient qualifies. No consultation fee will be assessed for qualifying patients.