The skin is a very complex organ that is subject to much abuse. In addition to the genetic component, many environmental factors can impact the quality of the skin. For example, as your skin is exposed to greater degrees of ultraviolet radiation, you are more likely to get pigment irregularities, skin cancer, and wrinkles. Smoking cigarettes also has a profound aging effect on the skin. Many topical creams and gels can improve the skin’s quality and texture, but these results are often temporary and limited in effect. Beyond skin care products, there are a myriad of skin resurfacing options. The main categories include chemical peels, dermabrasion, and lasers. These options range quite a bit in terms of level of aggressiveness. On the mild end of the scale you find superficial chemical peels and microdermabrasion. These remove the very surface dead skin cells that have yet to be shed from the body. This gives the skin a brightened appearance, but it does nothing for wrinkles or age spots. A medium depth peel, light dermabrasion, or gentle laser treatment can result in mild to moderate improvement in wrinkles and abnormal pigmentation as well as skin tightening. The deep chemical peels and more agressive dermabrasion/laser treatments can result in profound improvements in skin quality and texture. Not only do these treatments remove the wrinkled portion of the skin, but they also stimulate collagen (skin plumping protein) to regrow and help fill in any residual wrinkles weeks to months after the procedure. Dr. Schmidt uses all of the skin resurfacing techniques mentioned and will choose a procedure tailored to your face, because no two faces are exactly the same. To arrange a discussion with Dr. Schmidt about resurfacing your skin, please call or email our clinic for a consultation.

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