“Dr. Schmidt assisted Dr. McCollough in my facelift and nose reshape in January 2012.

I had it done for my 60th birthday and am very pleased with the results. All of my follow up visits with Dr. Schmidt were great.”

– John H., Alabama

Chin and Cheek Reshaping

Facial features do not exist in isolation.  The eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, forehead, and chin all must strike a relative balance with one another.  When this balance is off, even if due to a single disproportionately sized feature, the face is often perceived as less than ideal in appearance.  The chin is a commonly over- or undersized area that can generally be easily addressed.  Removing some of the soft and bony tissues in the chin area can help with an overprojected chin.  Conversely, an underprojected or recessed chin can be corrected by placing a soft implant deep in the chin tissues.  The implant looks and feels very natural.  Often, the incisions can be made from within the mouth, meaning visible scars would be unnecessary.  Alternatives to these procedures are available, so it’s best to discuss your options with Dr. Schmidt.  Please click here to schedule your consultation today.

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