“Dr. Schmidt assisted Dr. McCollough in my facelift and nose reshape in January 2012.

I had it done for my 60th birthday and am very pleased with the results. All of my follow up visits with Dr. Schmidt were great.”

– John H., Alabama

Face Lift


As we age, the elastic and fibrous proteins in our body begin to wear out, and our skin and other tissues stretch without the ability to recoil.  This process occurs from head to toe.  Skin becomes loose and saggy, and we start to see “gravity” take its toll.  We also see a change in the allocation of certain types of tissues at the cellular level.  For example, the outer layers of the skin thicken while the inner layers thin.  Muscle and fat cells tend to shrink.  One can achieve overall fitness of the body by maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise.  Unfortunately, however, no amount of diet or exercise can indefinitely preserve youthfulness of the face.  We all become victim to the effects of our environment and – to a great extent – our genetic composition.  Thanks to a number of advancements in science, many treatments have been developed to slow the aging process.  However, these effects are usually temporary and limited in nature.  Ultimately, nothing can stop the aging process.

The face lift procedure is designed to reposition sagging soft tissues of the face to yield a natural, youthful appearance.  A number of celebrities have had a poorly-performed face lift, and to some, this has given the procedure a bit of a bad reputation.  Often, these individuals appear “stretched” or “windblown.”  At Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schmidt strives to always achieve a natural look.  This means that you will not look like your favorite celebrity, but you can look very similar to how you did years ago.  After lifting the deeper tissues of the face, any loose and excess skin is simply trimmed away.  Your skin is not stretched, as this will cause distortion of the face and can result in widening of scars.  The incision is designed to be camouflaged within the hairline or natural facial boundaries.  When a scar heals under optimal conditions, it is generally very difficult to see.

Dr. Schmidt utilizes techniques that avoid the telltale signs of a facelift.  While many surgeons are capable of performing a face lift, not all have the training necessary to give you the best results possible. Through Dr. Schmidt’s fellowship training, he has garnered the ability to customize a procedure specific to your needs while keeping you as comfortable throughout the process. Having cared for hundreds of facelift patients, you can trust your face to the expert hands of Dr. Schmidt.

Other procedures are often performed in conjunction a face lift.  Examples include eyelid lift, brow lift, forehead lift, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, earlobe repair, removal of excess fatty tissues of the face and neck, and skin resurfacing.  While electing to have multiple procedures performed simultaneously may entail a greater investment upfront, doing so is actually a more cost effective option because it eliminates the repeat costs of anesthesia, preoperative evaluation by your primary care physician, laboratory fees, medications, and other costs associated with down-time and recovery.  Frequently, savings on each individual procedure can be incorporated for those opting to bundle together multiple procedures.  Dr. Schmidt always wants you to achieve the best value for your money.  Please click here to contact our clinic schedule a time to discuss the procedure in detail with him.

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A frequently asked question for any facial rejuvenation procedure is, “How long will it last?”  While there is no absolute answer due to the countless environmental and genetic factors, there is a logical way to think about this question.  No matter how many years younger one may look from a procedure, time inevitably marches onward.  So, if it was possible a 60 year old could be made to look as young as a 30 year old, that person would theoretically appear 40 in another 10 years.  Though this is an exaggerated example, it illustrates the concept that even though you undergo a facelift procedure, your body does still continue to age.  Some people age faster than others, again due to both genetic and environmental factors.  Therefore, in order to preserve a youthful appearance, you will likely need to undergo maintenance procedures over the years.  Fortunately, as you recover from a face lift, your body is hard at work depositing layers of collagen help to lock the repositioned tissues into place.  When you undergo a maintenance procedure or “tuck up”, Dr. Schmidt takes advantage of the strength of those collagen deposits, making the operation less involved than the original.  These procedures generally demand less of an investment than the original, as well.  To discuss a revision or maintenance “tuck-up” with Dr. Schmidt, please contact our clinic for a consultation.

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