“Dr. Schmidt assisted Dr. McCollough in my facelift and nose reshape in January 2012.

I had it done for my 60th birthday and am very pleased with the results. All of my follow up visits with Dr. Schmidt were great.”

– John H., Alabama

Other Cosmetic Surgery


Many individuals desire a fullness to to the lips that they either enjoyed during youth or have never had.  Such fullness is often perceived as a sign of youth and beauty.  Many nonsurgical procedures work well; however, these are temporary, and over time such procedures can cost more than a surgical procedure would.  Dr. Schmidt offers two surgical options  for lip enhancement.  One option is lip advancement.  This involves repositioning of the boundary between the pink and white portions of the lip.   Another option is augmentation of the lips.  To do this, Dr. Schmidt utilizes very tiny incisions through which he is able to place strips the patient’s own collagen.  For those with very thin lips, these procedures may be combined during one operation to produce a dramatic improvement in lip volume.  For both procedures, one can address the upper lip, lower lip, or both.  Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Schmidt to discuss lip enhancement procedures.

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The neck is a very complex area with many critical structures.  These important tissues are wrapped in layers of soft tissue that demonstrate characteristic changes as we age.  Some people develop excessive fatty tissues under the chin (sometimes called a “turkey gobbler” or “double chin”).  Others may lose fat in this area of the neck.  In these individuals, when the membrane binding the thin neck muscle fibers together in the center of the neck begins to break down, the result is a banded appearance of the neck.  Both conditions are associated with advanced age and are certainly treatable.  Dr. Schmidt’s arsenal of neck procedures can address most of the common and advanced aesthetic problems of the neck.  Contact a team member at Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery today for a consultation with Dr. Schmidt to discuss your customized treatment plan.

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People with heaviness or excess fullness in the upper eyelid area often attribute this to aging eyelids.  While this may be part of the problem, frequently the real cause of this appearance results from a sagging of the skin lying over the bony rim just above the eyeball.  This skin is hair-bearing and is referred to as the brow or eyebrow.  Drooping skin in this area can cause a disappointed or tired look.  Repositioning this skin can be approached in a number of different ways, and many of these techniques result in a scar that is imperceptible.  Dr. Schmidt will choose a technique customized to your particular anatomy and the results that you wish to achieve.

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Individuals with very high foreheads or drooping skin toward the center of the eyebrows may make good candidates for a forehead lift.  In patients with high foreheads and low eyebrows, reduction of excess forehead skin both serve to shorten the forehead while raising the eyebrows.  Both effects yield a refreshing and rejuvenating result.  Please contact Dr. Schmidt at Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery today for a consultation to discuss further details.

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Ears that protrude can be a source of social embarassment, especially in children and young adults.  A relatively simple procedure to “pin the ears” in a more normal position is available to address this concern.  Often, some degree of over-correction is performed in order to allow for some settling in the later postoperative period.  Dr. Schmidt has other techniques to address abnormal appearing ears.  Please contact Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schmidt for more information.

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