“I worked with Dr. Schmidt during his year fellowship at McCollough Plastic Surgery. He is a talented and capable doctor; I allowed him to work on both myself and my husband and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is a caring doctor with a great bedside manner; which all of our patients immediately recognized and appreciated. I know that he will do amazing things in his own practice!”

– Loretta H., Alabama

Reconstructive Surgery

Skin excisions

Small moles and other skin growths can be treated by Dr. Schmidt with little to no downtime.  Dr. Schmidt will decide whether a spot removed should be sent to the patholoogist for review under the microscope.  Lesions that appear suspicioius will always be sent for pathologic evalutation to ensure that the growth does not harbor cancer cells.  The area is then meticulously closed by Dr. Schmidt using the same stringent principles used in cosmetic surgery.  If you have an area of skin on your face, neck, or scalp that concerns you, please arrange a time to visit us at Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Schmidt will be very happy to meet you and determine the best course of action for your condition.

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Scar revision

The human body works in fascinating ways to heal itself after injury.  Often, a wound may leave no trace of injury.  Sometimes this healing process, however, does not occur in an ideal fashion.  As the body heals, it almost always leaves scar tissue.  Ideally, the thickness of the scar tissue is minimized, and the color fades to that of the surround skin from an iniitial red/purple/pink.  Scars have a tendency to contract or shorten over time.  This can result in distortion of the facial tissues with potentially significant functional defecits (e.g. inabilty to close the eye or breathe through the nose).  Fortunately, there is often some predictability in the healing process, and in a controlled scenario, we can affect the outcome of the scar by adhering to some important principles.  Dr. Schmidt’s understanding of these reconstructive principles and scar revision techniques allow him to transform prominent, disfiguring scars that result in functional impairment into scars that are far less noticeable and debilitating.  While no scar can be simply erased as is often depicted on the big and small screens, Dr. Schmidt will gladly meet with you to discuss the options and limits of the latest and greatest treatments available.  Please contact a team member at Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery to arrange a date and time for your scar revision consultation

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Skin Cancer Defect Repair

Skin cancer excisions of the face can be particularing devastating to patients due to an impact to both the functional and cosmetic elements of the face.  Whether you have had a traditional removal of skin cancer or a Mohs excision (a special skin cancer removal process during which the dermatologist looks at the tissues microscopically at the time of the excision), Dr. Schmidt can provide a means to reconstruct the area of missing tissue.  This can most often be achieved immediately after the cancer is removed.  You can rest assured that your face is being reconstructed by an expert in facial anatomy.

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