A facelift or “rhytidectomy” combats one of the most frustrating aspects of the aging process: sagging and loosening of skin on our faces. As we get older, the elastic and fibrous proteins in our body begin to wear out, so that our skin and other tissues stretch without the ability to recoil. This process occurs from head to toe, but on our face – which is how we’re recognized by the world – it can feel especially significant. By reversing these effects, the facelift procedure allows you to take back some control over the aging process, returning you to the face you’re used to seeing in the mirror.

    How Facelifts Work

    Facelift procedures reposition sagging soft tissues to bring your face back to its youthful appearance. Dr. Schmidt specializes in creating a personalized, natural appearance, so that you will look much like you did years ago.

    For this procedure, Dr. Schmidt will lift the deeper tissues of the face, trimming away any loose and excess skin. He does not stretch the skin as this would cause distortion and widening of scars after the procedure. Dr. Schmidt carefully camouflages his surgical incisions within the hairline or natural facial boundaries, which makes scars nearly invisible after healing.

    Other procedures are often performed in conjunction with a facelift, such as a brow lift, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, earlobe repair, and skin resurfacing, among others. Though multiple procedures can require a higher upfront investment, bundling them together will result in savings overall because it eliminates the repeat costs of anesthesia, laboratory fees, medications, and other costs associated with operation and recovery. Learn more about Dr. Schmidt’s pricing plans here.

    Revision Facelifts

    A frequently asked question among our facelift patients is, “how long will it last?”

    The answer is different for everyone, with countless environmental and genetic factors playing a part. But generally speaking, the aging process continues even after a facelift procedure. In other words, a facelift can push the clock backwards, but it won’t stop it. Therefore, Dr. Schmidt provides maintenance procedures – otherwise known as revision facelifts or “tuck ups” – to keep skin smooth and youthful into the future.

    Revision facelifts are less involved than the initial procedure, so they generally require less of an investment. That is because after an initial facelift, your body is hard at work depositing layers of collagen to help lock the repositioned tissues in place. Dr. Schmidt takes advantage of these strong collagen deposits to perform “tuck ups” in less time than the first facelift.

    Scheduling a Consultation

    Dr. Schmidt’s priority is to provide personalized and cost-effective procedures for each patient. He is available for one-on-one consultations to discuss your individual needs and potential solutions. For patients who live outside the Denver area, Dr. Schmidt will conduct preliminary consultations over the phone or webcam via Skype, Tango, or Facetime.

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