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    This woman came to us with a desire to improve her overall facial appearance from the standpoint of aging. Her primary concern was regarding the areas along her jawline and heaviness in the area of the upper eyelids. Secondarily, she also desired improvements in the skin color and texture. Her postoperative photos demonstrate her appearance roughly 5 months postoperatively. She underwent brow lift, facelift (cheek lift), and neck lift along with upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, and shave of various small facial skin lesions. She subsequently was treated with Picosure Minimal-Downtime Laser Facial Rejuvenation over the course of three sessions. When Looking at the after photos, you can see that there is significantly more upper eyelid visible. The cheekbones have more definition, and there is less of a boxy contour or heaviness in the jawline area. There is also improved sharpness in the angle between the chin and the neck. The facelift scars are imperceptible. The texture and coloration of the skin are drastically more uniform from the Picosure laser treatment. Of note, both photos future our patient without makeup. She and her husband are in love with the results!


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