“My husband came with me during my visits with Dr. Schmidt, and we both felt a level of comfort that we had not felt before. Dr. Schmidt is the most caring, thorough and patient doctor I have ever encountered. He is there to make sure your outcome is the very best and that you are happy with the results. I was never left to wonder about how to care for myself after surgery or about the healing process. There is no question that he went far above and beyond what is considered normal to give me the care and support I needed pre and post-surgery. Dr. Schmidt was there for me the entire ride and has encouraged a long lasting relationship with both of us…

Now when I catch myself in the mirror I no longer see a tired, sad, aging woman. It has made an enormous difference in the path my life is now going to take. It has changed the way I see myself and how I can move forward with a more positive feel for life in the future.

I have nothing but gratitude for Dr. Schmidt for helping to lift the cloud of grief and give me back a new and more joyful life path to live.”  read more…

– Lynn A., British Columbia

Eyelid Rejuvenation

As we age, the skin and deeper tissues of the eyelids may become loose and stretched.  Some of this is a result of our genetic blueprint.  Often, though, the aging occurs due to a combination of internal and environmental changes.  The changes may become so severe, particularly in the upper eyelids, that they begin to impair your field of vision.  In such an instance, your insurance provider may even cover the cost of removal of this excess eyelid tissue.  This procedure is called a functional blepharoplasty.  Most often, however, the problem is a cosmetic one.  In this case, correction of this problem is termed a cosmetic blepharoplasty.  In addition to having loose eyelid skin, sometimes the muscle or fat in the deeper layers may cause fullness or “bags” under the eyes.  The eyes appear puffy and are often accompanied by dark circles that are mostly shadows cast underneath the protruding tissues.  No amount of eye cream will help eliminate this condition.  In addition to an eyelid lift, resurfacing techniques can be utilized as another means of eyelid rejuvenation.  See the resurfacing section for more information.  To better understand what options may best treat your concerns, click here to contact us and schedule your consultation with Dr. Schmidt.

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