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    Our young lady here and her parents presented to us with concerns regarding keloid that resulted from an ear piercing of her last year. This occurred despite prior treatment by her dermatologist with eventual regrowth of the lesion. We performed keloid excision under local anesthesia, and she had a very easy recovery. Note that the contour of the ear is normal postoperatively despite the moderate size of the keloid. Ten injections with 5-FU / Kenalog (rather painless after the procedure) were performed in order to prevent recurrence. Her results are typical for our patients due to the diligence with which we perform these injections. She is seen here at nearly 9 months following keloid removal. Her skin has no evidence of recurrence. Initially somewhat hopeless that this could not be treated, she and her parents couldn’t be happier with the final results. Our patient’s experiences have given her inspiration to pursue a career in medicine.


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