Cambri – Esthetician/Patient Liaison

    Cambri was born and raised in New Mexico, but she has spent most of her adult life between Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA. Following a successful career in the sales world, she found herself desiring a new path in life. Cambri chose the ever-changing medical/cosmetic industry where she could apply her greatest attribute, empathy, to her love for people. When she became a licensed esthetician, she knew she had made the right decision, as she saw how much aesthetics and skin care could impact her patients’ lives. However, she still wanted to do more. After becoming licensed in California, Cambri made the move to Colorado to attend laser college and later became a certified laser specialist. Watching the physical and emotional changes that laser treatments can achieve has become one of her greatest passions. She loves helping her patients overcome their aesthetic concerns, whether they be scars, acne, sun damage, wrinkles, unwanted hair, or tattoos, and she prides herself in delivering dramatic results through advancements in skin care and laser technology. Cambri believes that helping people feel beautiful lets them shine from within. She couldn’t be more excited to not only be a part of the industry, but to be working for such an incredible plastic surgeon.


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