Jessica – Director of OperationsJessica Director of Operations

    As the Director of Operations, Jessica wears multiple hats within the practice from the daily management of patients, staff and the business of the practice, to serving as a primary contact for patients to guide them through their treatment plans. With 10 years in medical practices, patient education and plastic surgery, she is a knowledgeable resource for patients and their families, as well as a supportive advocate during their journey. In addition, Jessica collaborates on our marketing and patient communication efforts to create a strategy based on patient education.

    Outside of the practice, Jessica can be found embracing her weekend warrior status whether it is rock climbing, snowboarding, competing in long distance equine endurance races or planning her next travel adventure.

    Kate – Patient Liaison

    Kate - Denver Plastic Surgery Patient Liaison

    Kate is a recent graduate from the University of Denver with a BS in Psychology and a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. She’s looking to pursue a career in medicine. Specifically, she is passionate about facial plastic surgery because of the way it suits her interests. She is fascinated by how just one change to someone’s face can greatly increase their self-esteem and mental health. With over three years in the hospitality industry, she has honed her skills in customer service. Her top priority is providing the most comfortable and personable experience possible to every guest that walks through the door no matter their concern.

    When she isn’t working, she loves to spend her time baking, reading, and skiing. Finally, she also enjoys black and white photography.

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