Can Lip Augmentation Look Natural?

  • May 16, 2022

Whether you inherited flat, underwhelming lips from your parents, or you’ve noticed your mouth becoming less well-defined with age, you might be contemplating a lip enhancement to add shape and volume. However, perhaps you’ve seen some photos of overexaggerated lip augmentation results making the rounds online and feel hesitant to make such a drastic change to your appearance.

In this post, we’ll explain how an expertly performed lip augmentation can provide the subtle enhancements you’re looking for without that infamous “trout pout.”

Your Customized Lip Augmentation

Depending on your concerns, a lip augmentation can give you more fullness, volume, and definition in your upper lip, lower lip, or both. If you have naturally thin lips, Dr. Schmidt may suggest combining the techniques he’s perfected to restore your facial harmony, creating your ideal lip volume without extensive downtime.

Your choices for natural-looking lip enhancement in Denver include the following methods.

Dermal Fillers

If you’re contemplating ways to get fuller, lusher lips, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are a non-surgical solution. These smooth gels are available with different particle sizes and consistencies that can enhance your lips and simultaneously minimize the wrinkles that form around your mouth. When performing lip enhancements with filler, Dr. Schmidt prefers to take a conservative approach that ensures your results never look overdone or unnatural.

The results of lip fillers are not permanent because your body will eventually metabolize them. However, by stimulating your body’s collagen production, biocompatible hyaluronic acid fillers can promote a plumper pout from the inside out. If you’re unsure whether lip augmentation is right for you, fillers’ temporary nature allows you to “test-drive” your new look before committing to anything with long-term results. Fillers also involve no downtime and create an immediately noticeable improvement.

Lip Lift

If you are unhappy with your upper lip’s appearance, a lip lift surgery can provide you with a fuller, more upturned look by shortening the space between your nose and your upper lip. Though this procedure is surgical, it is minimally invasive and has a brief recovery period. A lip lift also creates permanent results.

Fat Grafting

Though hyaluronic acid fillers consist of a substance found naturally in the human body, you might not like the idea of introducing a synthetic product into your lips. In that case, fat grafting could be an excellent alternative for you.

The fat grafting process begins by harvesting donor fat from an area on your body where you have sufficient excess fat to spare. After filtering the fat cells to remove impurities, Dr. Schmidt will then carefully inject them into your lips. Though not all the transferred fat will survive, the cells that establish a blood supply will thrive for a long time. Another advantage of using your body fat in a lip augmentation is that it minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction.

The Best Place for Lip Augmentation in Denver

As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Schmidt can provide ideal, natural-looking lip augmentation results that seamlessly complement your other features to create more symmetry, harmony, and beauty in your face. To learn more about Dr. Schmidt and what qualities have made him one of the most successful and sought-after facial plastic surgeons in Denver, schedule your consultation today.

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