Can Lip Augmentation Look Natural?

Whether you inherited flat, underwhelming lips from your parents, or you’ve noticed your mouth becoming less well-defined with age, you might be contemplating a lip enhancement to add shape and volume. However, perhaps you’ve seen some photos of overexaggerated lip augmentation results making the rounds online and feel hesitant to make such a drastic change…

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When to Consider Ear Reshaping for Children

Children with large, prominent, or awkwardly shaped ears often bear the brunt of taunts and bullying from their peers, especially in their early school years. Ears that have become a focal point of a child’s face can be a source of embarrassment for children, leaving their caring parents to wonder if there is any remedy…

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How Does Your Appearance Change in Your 40s?

As you enter your fourth decade, you rightfully feel as if you’re hitting the prime of your personal and professional life. However, when it comes to your skin quality and facial structure, you may begin to notice changes accelerating – and not necessarily for the better. Here are some things to look out for if…

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