Can Rhinoplasty Change Your Smile?

  • January 19, 2023

Rhinoplasty is commonly regarded as one of the most challenging and intricate surgical procedures to perform. This procedure requires knowledge of complex anatomy and requires extensive technical skill to alter delicate internal nasal structures in a way that preserves or improves breathing while simultaneously achieving a desirable cosmetic outcome.

When performing rhinoplasty, one of many essential considerations surgeons and their patients must make is the complex interplay between the nose and the surrounding facial features. As a prominent feature of the central part of your face, your nose’s appearance affects the overall balance and proportions of the face. Because the nose has such great potential to impact one’s overall appearance, it’s crucial to choose an experienced, double board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon such as Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt to perform your nose surgery.

What Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Entail?

Whether your primary reason for seeking nose surgery is aesthetic or functional, even tiny adjustments can make a significant difference. The best rhinoplasty candidates have realistic expectations for what this operation can do for them and understand the importance of avoiding an overcorrection that might result in an unnatural look.

As Denver’s leading rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Schmidt applies his training and expertise in functional nasal surgery and facial cosmetic surgery to achieving your aesthetic goal, maintaining a natural appearance, while preserving function. Dr. Schmidt believes your nose should complement your other features, not detract from them or call out for attention in an attempt to stand out on its own. If you feel as though your nose is not a good fit for your face, Dr. Schmidt can help by making natural-looking refinements.

During a rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Schmidt uses small internal (and sometimes well-concealed external) incisions to adjust nasal structure, which can involve removing and reshaping bone/cartilage or adding tissue grafts taken from the nose and sometimes elsewhere on your body.

Your Customized Rhinoplasty Plan

Since it can be challenging to visualize the potential results of Dr. Schmidt’s suggested surgical plan, we offer cutting-edge Vectra 3D imaging and real-time computerized simulation as part of our consultation process.  This goes a very long way toward allowing you to feel confident about what a rhinoplasty can do for you.  If you are anything like the vast majority of our patients, we believe you’ll leave your consultation truly excited about your anticipated new appearance!

Some of Dr. Schmidt’s Denver rhinoplasty patients opt to add complementary procedures for even more comprehensive benefits. For example, you may wish to reshape your chin to balance your newly improved nose or choose non-surgical facial rejuvenation with injectables. Regardless of your aesthetic goals, Dr. Schmidt will work with you to create a personalized path for achieving them.

Rhinoplasty and Your Smile

In the earliest stages of healing from nose surgery, you can expect swelling and bruising – often mild in Dr. Schmidt’s hands – to temporarily obscure your results. In some cases, this swelling may affect your mouth and make your smile feel somewhat stiff or unnatural. However, rest assured that these side effects are only temporary and will gradually resolve on their own as your nose continues to heal.  We generally tell patients that the majority of the swelling has resolved within 2 weeks or so.

To learn more about rhinoplasty in Denver, please contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Schmidt, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

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