Could a Facelift be the Key to Your Next Promotion?

      • December 28, 2017

      When you think about it, confidence is one of the biggest keys to having a successful career. When you have a strong sense of self and know what you want, it’s that much easier to pursue what really matters to you. Better yet, your colleagues, your friends, your family—everyone, will sense that you’re a self-assured person. Unfortunately, that confidence can sometimes fade away as you age. If you’re looking to move up in your profession, you’ll need a little something to hold on to that confidence. This is why so many people in the peak of their career consider getting a facelift.

      Facelift surgery is designed to help you look younger by lifting sagging skin and underlying tissues to their more youthful position. When your face takes on a youthful presence, so do you! Although changes are subtle, your colleagues will notice you with a younger appearance and more motivated confidence.

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      The New You

      Facelift surgery does not stop the aging process, but it will make you look younger by ten years or more. Your facial skin will be smoother, firmer, and rejuvenated, giving you a sense of energy. More importantly, it’ll give you the much-needed confidence boost to get to the next level in your career.

      Patients should be undergoing a facelift to help them feel pride about their appearance. It shouldn’t be done for a job, another person, or to fix an issue with your life. Ultimately, it’s about helping yourself look exactly how you feel and improving your sense of self.

      What is a Facelift

      Rhytidectomy or facelift surgery fights the most frustrating aspects of the facial aging process – loose and sagging skin. As we age, the fibrous and elastic proteins in our body begin to diminish, which causes our skin tissue to stretch without the ability to recoil. This process occurs throughout the body, but on the face – which is the focal point of our appearance – it can be especially significant. By reversing these aging features, a rhytidectomy lets you take control of the aging process and regain your youthful beauty and skin presence.

      Does a Facelift Look Natural?

      You want to look younger, but you also want your facelift to look natural. Dr. Schmidt will focus on creating results that look as natural as possible; that way, your colleagues will notice your newfound confidence and your new look, but not the surgery itself.

      How a Facelift Works

      Facelift procedures relocate sagging soft tissues into a better position, to make your face appear younger. Dr. Schmidt focuses on creating a natural, custom appearance so that you will look like you, but a younger version of you.

      Dr. Schmidt will lift the deep facial tissue, eliminating excess and loose skin. He does not stretch the skin as this would cause distortion and widening of scars after the procedure. Dr. Schmidt carefully conceals the surgical incisions within the natural facial boundaries or the hairline, which makes any scarring nearly invisible after recovery.

      Other procedures that can be done concurrently with a facelift to enhance your facial beauty are rhinoplasty, browlift, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, and eyelid surgery.

      First Step – Schedule a Consultation

      Surgery for cosmetic improvement is a life-changing decision. A consultation is designed to increase your understanding of what the procedure entails and what you can expect. It is also a great place to ask questions and voice your concerns. We understand that when your appearance affects your career, you would only want the best possible results from your facelift. During your consultation, your surgeon will explain what a facelift can do, how he will tailor the facelift to give you natural-looking results, and show you how each incision will be hidden.

      You’ll also learn important details about your recovery period. You’ll be given an estimate as to when you can go back to work (although you should wait for your surgeon to give you the green light before returning to certain activities), and you’ll find out how long it’ll be before you can attend public events.

      Keep in mind, even if your incisions haven’t healed completely, they’ll be expertly hidden around the natural contours of your face. Once your healing has progressed, you can even camouflage incisions and any bruising with makeup.

      We invite you to come visit with us to get a better idea of how we can help you with your facial appearance and gain a youthful glow.

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