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  • May 16, 2018

People who want to turn back the clock and restore a more refreshed and youthful appearance are increasingly opting for facial fat grafting, which produces a naturally rejuvenated look.

Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer, is a natural option that uses your own body tissue to resolve many of the challenges of an aging appearance – including replacing lost volume in the cheeks, temples and below the eyes, re-contouring cheeks, plumping up lips, reducing the appearance of folds around the mouth, and creating an altogether more youthful profile..

Because the fat grafting procedure relies on an injection of your body’s own fat cells, it is becoming ever more popular. In addition, it lasts longer than synthetic dermal injectables with less risk of allergic reaction.

At Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer Puregraft – an innovative technology for fat transfer that not only shortens healing time but leads to even longer-lasting results for our patients.

The Puregraft Advantage

To understand what makes Puregraft so revolutionary, it helps to take a step back and understand the fundamentals of the fat transfer procedure.

The first stage of any fat graft is to extract fat cells from a “donor” area on your body – typically a discreet site such as your abdomen or thighs – using liposuction. After being harvested, the fat must be cleaned to remove any unwanted impurities such as blood, oil, or fluids before it gets injected into specific areas of your face. This cleansing process helps minimize the risk of complications such as inflammation, infection, or reabsorption of the fat cells, while improving the quality and purity of the fat cells transferred into the face.

Prior to the invention of Puregraft, the best available techniques for purifying the harvested fat cells were either straining the tissue or spinning it rapidly through a centrifuge. However, while both these methods do successfully remove some contaminants, they leave a significant amount behind, which leads to more unpredictable results. Puregraft is superior because it ensures the harvested fat cells are at the highest possible quality before they get injected back into your body.

Predictably Natural-Looking Results

Though the fat grafting technique has been in use in both cosmetic and non-cosmetic medicine for many years, the outcomes from the procedure have historically been inconsistent from one patient to the next. A team of the world’s foremost experts set out to solve that problem through more than a decade of rigorous experimentation and testing.

The result is Puregraft – a single-use, closed-system design that makes the fat transfer procedure as reliable, consistent, and safe as possible. Puregraft is the only system of its kind to consistently remove more than 97 percent of impurities for the cleanest, healthiest graft tissue possible.

Straining and centrifuging not only leave unwanted components in the harvested tissue, but expose them to non-sterile conditions, which can lead to problems after the fat graft is injected back into the body. Puregraft keeps the fat tissue completely contained as it gently removes the impurities, and the system gets disposed of after each use, eliminating the risks associated with cross-contamination.

Candidates for Puregraft Fat Transfer

Puregraft is safe and effective for adult men and women who would like to restore lost facial volume and contouring without resorting to surgery. Ideal candidates for the procedure must have sufficient fat deposits in a donor area such as the thighs or belly, but who are otherwise in good physical and mental health.

As with any cosmetic procedure, you’ll have a higher level of satisfaction with your results if you approach it with realistic expectations. The liposuction part of the procedure will only remove small, localized fat deposits, and is not to be confused with a weight-loss procedure or a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

By the same token, when it comes to facial fat grafting, a little bit goes a long way. To keep your appearance natural and avoid the dreaded “over-injected” look, Dr. Schmidt uses his extensive training and knowledge of facial anatomy to subtly contour and enhance your facial features, including the temples, nose, cheeks, chin, jawline, eye area, or around the mouth. After getting injected into your face, the transferred fat cells will establish a blood supply and continue their normal function and growth cycle, so you can expect permanent results.

The goal of facial fat transfer is to provide long-term skin restoration. With the cutting-edge Puregraft system, Dr. Schmidt can offer patients the most reliable results available, making fat grafting the safest option for non-surgical facial enhancement.

If you’d like to learn more about facial fat transfer and discuss whether the procedure is a good choice for you, contact our Denver office to schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Schmidt.

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