What Are Some of the Best Facial Plastic Surgery Combinations?

  • August 9, 2021

Chocolate and peanut butter. Batman and Robin. Thelma and Louise. From recipe pairings to our favorite entertainment, most of us can name iconic duos that are better together than they are alone. The same is true of cosmetic surgery – many procedures work in harmony to provide even more dramatic results. Here are three of our favorite facial plastic surgery combinations.

1. Facelift and Blepharoplasty

While Dr. Schmidt’s advanced, personalized facelift techniques can remove at least a decade from your appearance, facelifts are most effective at reversing many of the common signs of aging in the lower two-thirds of your face, from your cheekbones to your jawline. However, in many cases, the thin skin around the eyes is the first place where wrinkles and fine lines start emerging. Since a facelift doesn’t address loose, sagging, eyelid skin and puffy under eye bags, adding an eyelid lift to your facelift surgery could provide the full-face rejuvenation you’ve been hoping for.

2. Rhinoplasty and Chin Reshaping

If your facial features are asymmetrical or otherwise imbalanced, combining a rhinoplasty with chin reshaping can help bring your appearance into complete harmony. In performing rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Schmidt uses his extensive knowledge of facial anatomy to alter your nose’s size or shape. This procedure simultaneously brings cosmetic and functional benefits, such as straightening a crooked nose left over from an accident while enhancing your ability to breathe freely through your nose.

Meanwhile, chin reshaping is a surgical procedure that increases the chin’s size, shape, or projection, either by reducing an overly large chin or inserting a flexible silicone implant on top of the jawbone through a small incision. Either way, combining a rhinoplasty with chin reshaping will help you love your appearance from any angle.

3. Lip and Cheek Augmentation

Over time, facial areas like the cheeks and lips lose volume with the natural aging process, becoming less contoured and defined. Restore a youthful appearance with the dynamic duo of lip and cheek augmentation. Whether you choose a surgical fat grafting procedure that uses fat harvested from elsewhere on your body to achieve long-term results, or want to make a temporary change with nonsurgical dermal fillers, Dr. Schmidt can help you decide on the right plan for you.

Benefits of Combining Procedures

Another reason to combine facial plastic surgery procedures is that you can save money on expenses like surgical fees and any prescription medications you may need during your recovery process. Anyone with a busy schedule will also enjoy the fact that having two surgeries done concurrently saves time, in that you will only have one recovery process for maximum efficiency.

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