What Procedures Can Help With Scar Removal?

  • July 19, 2022

A scar is one of your body’s natural healing responses. When you have an injury, wound, or skin damage from an illness, accident, surgery, or inflammation, it can leave a permanent mark. Even young children with healthy, resilient skin can get scars.

If a scar is affecting your self-esteem or contracture is causing problems with your mobility and range of motion, Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt offers revision surgery. Here’s a closer look at how these procedures work and what you can expect.

Scar Excision

One option for scar removal surgery involves:

  • Excising the damaged tissue.
  • Reshaping the unmarked skin around it.
  • Using stitches to close the wound so that it heals cleanly.

This approach is ideal for deep lacerations, such as those resulting from animal bites.

While excision can still leave some scarring behind, it is much more discreet and less noticeable after healing, thanks to Dr. Schmidt’s surgical skill and advanced techniques. Dr. Schmidt also places supportive sutures within the muscle and underlying connective tissue, which reduces tension and smooths the skin over the wound.


If you have jagged or raised scars, you might be a good candidate for skin resurfacing with dermabrasion. Also known as surgical skin planing, dermabrasion relies on a specialized tool that rapidly rotates to remove the top layers of skin, including scar tissue.

After undergoing dermabrasion, your skin will regenerate itself, stimulating the growth of smooth, resilient, unblemished skin cells. This minimally invasive treatment takes place while you are under twilight anesthesia, and you can return home afterward to begin your healing process. Your dermabrasion results will gradually reveal themselves as new skin grows over the treated areas.

A Combined Approach

For comprehensive scar repair, Dr. Schmidt may use dermabrasion in addition to a chemical peel. Medical-grade peels provide more dramatic results than similar treatments you might have tried at home, making them ideal for treating a range of skin concerns. Three peel depths are available – superficial, medium, and deep. While a deep peel offers the most profound rejuvenation, it is also an aggressive treatment that requires sedation and a two-week recovery period.

Expert Scar Removal in Denver, CO

Because no two scars are identical, Dr. Schmidt will use his skills as a double board-certified plastic surgeon to develop a customized approach to scar removal. During your private consultation, he will take time to learn about your concerns and discuss aftercare instructions and what to expect as you heal from your procedure. Please come to this confidential meeting prepared to discuss your complete health history, including any prescription or over-the-counter medications you take to manage various conditions.

Though it might take several months to see the full effects of your scar revision procedure, you’ll enjoy long-lasting results. To learn more about improving your appearance and self-confidence with Denver’s leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon, please reach out to our team today.

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