What to Avoid After Getting a PicoSure Treatment

Everyone aspires to have a healthy, flawless complexion, but years of accumulated impurities can cause your skin to look dull, tired, and prematurely aged. Fortunately, laser treatments have proven to be a fast, minimally invasive way to achieve your aesthetic goals. At Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer the PicoSure laser, a versatile, FDA-approved skin…

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How Should I Prepare for Scar Revision Surgery?

Some people wear their scars like a badge of honor because they appreciate the physical reminder of life events like delivering a baby via cesarean section, surviving a traumatic injury, or undergoing a gender-affirming procedure. Still, not everyone sees their scars in a positive light. If you have one or more scars that represent a…

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How Long Before You Are Fully Recovered From a Facelift?

Even with all the advancements in non-surgical cosmetic medicine – such as dermal fillers and neuromodulators – facelift surgery remains the gold standard of anti-aging procedures. A Denver facelift by Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt can take a decade or more off your appearance and restore your self-confidence by making you look younger and more vital. Some…

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Can Lip Augmentation Look Natural?

Whether you inherited flat, underwhelming lips from your parents, or you’ve noticed your mouth becoming less well-defined with age, you might be contemplating a lip enhancement to add shape and volume. However, perhaps you’ve seen some photos of overexaggerated lip augmentation results making the rounds online and feel hesitant to make such a drastic change…

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What Causes Jowls, and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

The emergence of jowls is a typical side effect of aging for many people as their skin becomes thinner, their muscles lose tone, and their facial fat shifts downward. Jowls are often hereditary, but they can also result from environmental and lifestyle factors like excessive sun exposure, smoking, and weight fluctuations. Sagging skin in the…

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What Is the Difference Between Xeomin® and BOTOX®?

It happens to all of us – one day, you glance at your reflection in the mirror and notice deepening 11 lines etched between your eyebrows or traces of crow’s feet that seemingly appeared overnight. These premature signs of aging come from everyday facial expressions – like squinting and frowning – you probably make unconsciously.…

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How to Know When It’s Time for More Than BOTOX®

If you’re looking for a quick fix for signs of premature aging, such as crow’s feet and frown lines, BOTOX® may be your ideal solution. But while this product can create outstanding results when applied by a skilled provider like Dr. Schmidt, it does not halt the natural aging process. Behind the scenes, you’ll still…

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Everything You Need to Know About NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Hair transplant surgery can be transformative for men and women who feel self-conscious due to significant hair loss and want to restore a full, healthy head of hair. But if you’re considering the procedure, you may wonder how the process works, when you will see results, and what to expect. At Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery,…

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Your Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

A rhinoplasty can be transformative, bringing more balance and proportion to your facial features while restoring healthy breathing function. While a talented rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Schmidt can create stunning results for you, you also have a role to play in your surgical outcome by diligently following all your post-operative care instructions. Here’s a detailed…

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How Long Does Facial Fat Grafting Last?

While most people expect to see wrinkles and skin discoloration developing as they get older, you may be surprised when you look in the mirror and realize you are losing volume, especially in your mid-face. The passage of time brings a loss of structural support in the form of a protein called collagen, leading to…

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