Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Unique Skills and Experience Your Nose Job Surgeon Must Have

  • November 25, 2019

Rhinoplasty is often considered one of the most difficult cosmetic surgeries, and ethnic rhinoplasty can be among the most complex of these procedures. If you’re planning an ethnic rhinoplasty in Denver, CO, you need a highly skilled plastic surgeon to ensure good results.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is an involved procedure with many detailed considerations, but achieving good results is possible. Difficult procedures become easier with practice, and a highly experienced surgeon will have performed a surgery similar to yours many times. Dr. Schmidt is known throughout the state of Colorado for his stunning rhinoplasty transformations and has worked extensively with patients from many ethnic backgrounds.

Look for these qualifications as you consider potential surgeons for your ethnic rhinoplasty procedure.

Experience Working with Patients from a Similar Ethnic Background

There’s a big world out there, and many different types of noses. Different ethnic groups often share nasal characteristics. For example, patients with an African heritage may have a flattened bridge, a less defined nasal tip, and a broad nasal base, while patients from the Middle East often have prominent humps and thickened skin.

Each of these variables adds complexity to a rhinoplasty. It isn’t enough for your surgeon to be familiar with ethnic rhinoplasty. You need a surgeon that has worked extensively on patients with a similar ethnic background with similar nasal features.

Ask your surgeon for before and after photos of patients with a similar nasal and facial structure to yours. These photos will give you a better idea of the type of results you may achieve after your rhinoplasty.

A Passion for Rhinoplasty

While most plastic surgeons offer a variety of procedures, you want to choose a surgeon that is particularly passionate about rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is complicated. One of the best ways for surgeons to master the technique is through practice. Look for a surgeon that performs many rhinoplasties each year and that enjoys learning and practicing their technique.

A Comprehensive Approach

Many of our patients choose rhinoplasty to cosmetically enhance their nasal appearance. It is important to remember that looks are only half of the rhinoplasty equation. The nose is the gateway to an important airway, not just a prominent facial feature. For this reason, rhinoplasty surgical plans must be developed with both cosmetic and functional considerations.

A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon takes a comprehensive approach to surgery, addressing functional needs and cosmetic desires in the same procedure. This approach ensures that the airway is not compromised during surgery, and often allows for improvement in breathing in addition to cosmetic changes.

Top-Notch Communication

What does your ideal nose look like? There is no one perfect nose. You’ll work with your surgeon to create a nose that meets your aesthetic goals, meshes with your other features, and works with your anatomy. This process requires extensive coordination between patient and surgeon.

To ensure our communication is always on-point, we use advanced imaging tools during our rhinoplasty consultations. Dr. Schmidt will use imaging software to provide a preview of your rhinoplasty results. You’ll know that you and your surgeon have the same vision for your procedure before you head into the operating room.

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