How a Forehead Reduction Can Transform Your Face

  • August 2, 2021

Forehead reduction is a straightforward procedure with long-term benefits and high patient satisfaction rates. The surgery aims to create more harmonious facial proportions by decreasing the distance between your hairline and your eyebrows. If you have a naturally high forehead, scalp advancement can improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem. Here’s what you need to know about hairline lowering and its benefits.

What Does Forehead Surgery Entail?

Having a hairline that sits disproportionately high on your scalp can be frustrating. You have probably tried every trick in the book – from bangs to hats – to hide your “billboard brow,” but what if you didn’t have to cover up anymore? The goal of hairline lowering is to allow your resized forehead to accentuate your other facial features, instead of distracting from them.

In performing forehead reduction surgery, Dr. Schmidt can permanently lower your hairline by up to two inches. Scalp advancement surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes place while you are under anesthesia. After making incisions near your original hairline, Dr. Schmidt will carefully remove a section of skin on your forehead so he can lift your scalp and reposition it closer to your eyebrows. When your hair grows back after the procedure, it will beautifully hide these incisions.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Forehead Surgery?

The best candidates for surgical hairline advancement are adults in good overall health who have thick hair and sufficient skin laxity to ensure excellent outcomes. It also helps to have reasonable expectations for your recovery process and beyond.

Dr. Schmidt will meet one-on-one with you to discuss your cosmetic concerns and evaluate whether you are well-qualified to undergo forehead reduction surgery. Come to your consultation prepared to answer questions about your health history, including any prescription or over-the-counter medications you currently take. If your high forehead is the result of a receding hairline, you may be a better candidate for a different procedure, such as hair transplantation.

Recovering From Hairline Advancement

Our busy patients love forehead reduction surgery’s relatively brief recovery time. Most people can return to work and their other typical activities within a week. We’ll send you home with detailed postsurgical instructions outlining how to care for yourself while you heal and when to return for follow-up visits and the removal of sutures and dressings. If you follow these directions carefully, you can help to ensure your recovery process goes smoothly and start enjoying your results nearly immediately.

Forehead Reduction Surgery in Denver

When you’re comfortable in your skin, it will shine through in every element of your personality. Enhancing your appearance with the help of one of  Denver’s leading plastic surgeons can give you the look you’ve always dreamed of, making your confidence soar to new heights.

Dr. Schmidt is a fellowship-trained, double board-certified surgeon who uses his extensive skills and education to focus solely on providing outstanding outcomes with facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. To learn more about getting beautiful, natural-looking results with hairline advancement in Denver, please reach out to our team today.

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