How Does Forehead Reduction Work to Achieve Your Cosmetic Goal?

  • February 26, 2019

We all know we shouldn’t judge others – or ourselves – based solely on physical appearance. After all, as the adage goes, beauty is only skin-deep. However, many people struggle with some aspect of their looks that negatively affects their self-esteem and quality of life. For thousands of women and men across the U.S., prominent foreheads are a chief concern.

If you have a large forehead or your hairline is receding, it may be causing your face to appear aesthetically imbalanced by drawing attention away from your other features, such as your eyes or mouth. Even if the rest of your facial features are pleasingly symmetrical, a disproportionately large forehead could be causing you to be unhappy with your appearance.

Forehead Reduction Surgery for Women and Men

Forehead reduction also called hairline lowering surgery, is an effective solution for people with unnaturally high hairlines. The goal of forehead reduction surgery is to create greater harmony among your facial features by making your forehead less conspicuous and pronounced.

In this procedure, an experienced surgeon like Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt can shorten your forehead by moving your hairline downward. Dr. Schmidt performs forehead reduction surgery by removing a portion of the forehead skin, which allows him to move the scalp to a lower position. Placing the incision along the natural hairline helps the hair to camouflage the scar.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Forehead Reduction Surgery?

Ideally, men and women who choose to get hairline lowering surgery will be nonsmokers in good physical health who have a naturally high hairline with no ongoing hair loss, and otherwise thick hair and adequate skin elasticity.  

It’s also essential to note the difference between forehead reduction surgery and hair restoration procedures. If you have a family or personal history of thinning hair or pattern baldness, Dr. Schmidt will evaluate you to determine whether you might be better off choosing a hair transplant instead of hairline lowering.

Benefits of Hairline Lowering

If living with a high hairline has made you feel as if your facial features are disproportionate or unattractive, consider these advantages of forehead reduction surgery:

  • Your hairline will be lower, making you look younger and healthier.
  • A more proportional hairline will make the rest of your face look more balanced and symmetrical.
  • You will no longer have to hide your high hairline with hats or creative hairstyles.
  • Your forehead won’t draw attention from your other facial features.  
  • You will gain greater self-confidence in social and professional situations.

When you do something to significantly improve your appearance, you’ll naturally feel better about yourself, which is vital to helping you maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life. Hairline lowering can cause ripple effects through your entire life by giving you a sense of pride about how you look. You’ll feel inspired to pursue new opportunities and meet new people.

How to Learn More About Forehead Reduction Surgery

If you’re interested in pursuing forehead reduction surgery in one of our two Colorado locations, Denver or Steamboat Springs, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schmidt. Having completed a fellowship at one of the most prestigious plastics and reconstructive facial practices in the world, Dr. Schmidt has accumulated thousands of hours of experience working with patients who have a variety of cosmetic and medically necessary concerns. He is uniquely qualified to perform life-improving facial procedures such as hairline lowering surgery.


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